What do you mean by Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is fundamentally influencing utilization of the computerized stage to like online networking for limited time exercises for your business. This can be called as the layman’s definition. SEO enhancement is a piece of the more extensive space called Digital Marketing.

Advertising shapes the heart and spine of any business to prosper and develop. In the present computerized age, the primitive promoting hones have turned into a relic of days gone by. Digital is the approach! That is the motivation behind why Digital Marketing has ended up being the key development factor for any sort of business. With the quickly developing rate of advancements and their continually developing nature, truly, billions of dollars of the spending plan is allocated to Digital Marketing. It happens to be the quickest creating field in the present circumstances.

Grab this Opportunity –

If you want to benefit from the above-mentioned opportunities by opting for a career in this field; then, first you need to be a skilled individual.

To acquire the desired digital marketing skills, you need to take our  best digital marketing classes in Indore. If in any kind of doubt, you can research about the various SEO training courses in Indore; and then come to a decision.

Digital Marketing Training Course Contents (Syllabus)

Internet Marketing

  • What is Marketing?
  • What is STP & 4 Ps of Marketing
  •  Understanding Marketing Processes
  •  Difference between Traditional
  • Marketing, Internet Marketing &
  • The significance of Digital Branding.
  •  Inbound and Outbound Marketing
  • What is Digital Marketing?
  •  Understanding Digital Marketing processes
  • Increase Visibility – Visitors Engagement
  • Bringing Targeted Traffic – Lead Conversion
  • Retention
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Digital Marketing Trends to look out for

Search Engine Optimization

  • What is Searching & how Search Engine works?
  • Major functions of Search Engine
  • What are Keywords?
  • Different types of Keywords
  • Tools for Keyword planning
  • Understanding Keywords mix
  • Google Webmaster: Google Search Engine Consol (GSEC)
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
  •  Local SEO
  •  Top tools for SEO
  • Monitoring SEO process
  •  Preparing SEO process – Keyword stuffing – White, Black & Grey hat SEO
  • Track, measure & analyze SEO

Email Marketing

  • What is Email Marketing?
  •  How Does Email work? Types of Email Marketing
  •  Email Marketing & your Business
  • Sending the right Messages with Lifecycle Marketing in Email Marketing
  • Contact management & segmentation in Email Marketing
  • Components of high performing Email
  • Email design & Functionality
  • The essential of Email Deliverability
  • Developing relationships with Lead Nurturing
  • Measuring success with Email Analytics
  • Email Optimization & Testing
  • Top Email Marketing tools and How to use them.

Search Engine Marketing

  • What is Search Engine Marketing?
  • Different types of Search Engine Marketing Activities?
  • Display Advertising
  • Banner Ads
  • Rich Media Ads
  •  Pop up Ads
  • Contextual Advertising
  • In Text Ads
  • In page ads
  • In Image Ads
  • In Video Ads
  • Companies that provide online advertising Solution
  • Tracking & Measuring ROI of online advertising
  • Online advertising platforms
  • Various tools for Search Engine Marketing

Digital Consumer Behavior

  • What is Consumer Behavior
  • How Digital is changing the Consumer Behavior
  • Setting Standards on Digital platforms
  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Tolerance
  • Business Promotion & Customer Behavior
  •  Multi-Channel Communication
  • Process to Identify & Map Digital Consumer Journey

Mobile Marketing

  • Mobile Marketing Overview
  • Mobile Marketing & Social Media
  • Key industry terminology
  • Creating Mobile website through Word Press-.
  • Advertising on mobile –
  • Mobile strategy- Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
  • Mobile Marketing Mix –
  • Content Marketing on mobile
  • Mobile Marketing Measurement & Analytics
  • Mobile Marketing Trends

Inbound Marketing

  • What is Inbound Marketing?
  • Importance of Inbound Marketing in Organizations
  • Essential for an Effective Inbound Strategy
  • Creating Content with a purpose
  • The Fundamentals of Blogging
  • Amplifying Content on Social Media
  • Enticing clicks with CTA
  • Landing page
  • Importance of Thank you Page
  • Sending the Right Email to Right Person
  • The power of SMarketing
  • Taking your Sales Process Inbound
  • The Pillars of Delight

Consumer Information

  • Points of Interaction & Customer Experience Capabilities
  •  Shopping Tends in Digital World
  • Mindmap of Customer Journey & Brand Interaction

Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing Overview
  • Understanding connections between Social Media
  • How Social Media Change world with Case- studies
  • How Is Social Media the Different mode of Marketing?
    – Facebook Marketing
    – Twitter Marketing
    – Instagram Marketing
    – Linkedin Marketing
    – Pinterest Marketing
  • Practical tools to understand all the Social Platforms Mentioned above
  • Understanding linking of all Social Media & Re-Marketing
    Platforms for Marketing purpose
  • Social Media Management Tools
  • Case studies of Various Campaigns on Social Media Platforms

Content Marketing

  • What is Content Marketing?
  • Importance of Content Marketing
  • Objective of Content Marketing
  • Various types of Content with practical examples
  • Content Marketing strategy building process
  • How to write Great Compelling Content
  • Keyword research for Content ideas
  • Content Optimization for Search Engines
  • How to market your Content
  • Magnetic Headlines
  • 25 unique ways to write Magnetic Headlines
  • 51 examples of Magnetic Headlines
  • How to increase opt-in Email list with Content Marketing with examples
  • Case study on Content Marketing

Google AdWords

  •  • Understanding AdWords account structure
  •  • Overview of Various Ad Centers ie. Bing, Google • How to Create Search Campaigns on Tools mentioned above
    • Analysis of AdWords Algorithm
    • Understanding different types of Bid Strategy
    • Types of Ad Extensions
    • Understanding Keywords & Finding relevant Ad groups options
    • Creating & Optimizing Search Campaign
    • Creating & Optimizing Display Campaign
    • Tracking Performance/ Conversion
    • How to use Re-marketing on Google AdWords?
    • Latest trends in Google Ad Campaigns

Photography & Writing in Digital Age

  • Importance of Photography
  •  Things to Consider while using Images on Social Networks to get Maximum Eyeballs
  • Basics of Magnetic Content Writing
  • Tools for Photography & Writing

Website Creation Overview

  • What is Website & its Importance
  • Understanding Brief history of Website Management & its Components
  • Website Creation & Consumer Behavior (A Practical Analysis) Creation of
  • WordPress Website Planning & Conceptualizing Website (On WordPress) in our Class & Research Center
  • Website Planning Process
  • Website Development Cycle

Digital & Social Media Trends in 21st Century

  • Analysis of Digital & Social Media trends in the 21st century using Reputed & Well known National & International Blogs i.e. Social Media Examiner, Jeff Bullas, Neil Patel, Moz etc.

    Digital Story Telling

  • What is Story Telling?
  • Importance of Story Telling in Social Media
  • How to Use Digital Story Telling in Social Media
  • Digital Storyline Framework
  • 7 Incredible Examples Of Brand Story Telling on Social Media Ie.Dove, Heinz, Landrover, HTC, Google

    Digital Display Advertising

  • Online Advertisement – An Overview
  • Types of Online Advertising
  • PAY Per Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Banner Ads
  • Display Advertising
  • Contextual Advertising
  • Pop Up Ads
  • Tracking and Analyzing ROI of Online Ads
  • Online Advertising Platforms
  • Online Advertising Tools

    E-Commerce Marketing

  • E-commerce overview
  • Top E-commerce company stories
  • E-Commerce scenario in India
  • SEO of an E-Commerce Website
  • E-Commerce Business Model
  • E-Commerce v/s Market & Retailers
  • E-Commerce Business Distribution Channels
  • Create a solid E-Commerce Marketing Strategy
  • Affiliate Marketing & your E-Commerce Business
  • Case studies on E-Commerce Websites

Google AdSense & Blogging

  • What is AdSense
  • How AdSense Works?
  • Types of AdSense
  • Process to get approved for AdSense
  • Creating Blog & Content Management
  • Advertising on Blog

Affiliate Marketing

  • Overview of Affiliate Marketing?
  • How does Affiliate Marketing work?
  • 3A’s of Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing Success Stories
  • Affiliate Marketing Industry Structure
  • Affiliate Marketing Scope & Scale in India Types of Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing Global Perspective Secrets of Affiliate Marketing
  • Ways & How to do Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing – Indian scenario Affiliate Marketing Agencies in India
  • Networking in Affiliate Marketing

Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics Overview
  • Understanding How Google Analytics works
  • Google Analytics Glossary
  • Google Analytics Account Structure
  • Understanding Google Analytics Insights
  • Understanding Cookie tracking
  • Various types of Cookie tracking used by Google Analytics
  • Starting with Google Analytics
  • How to set up Analytics Account Understanding Goals and Conversions
  • How to setup Goals?
  • Understanding Bounce rate & how to reduce It.
  • Importance of Funnels How to set up Funnels in Goals
  • How to integrate AdWords and Analytics Account Measuring performance of Marketing Campaigns via Google Analytics
  • What is Link Tagging
  • How to set up Link Tagging Setup Customized Reports

Influencer Marketing

  • What is Influencer Marketing with Examples?
  • Effective strategies for Influencer Marketing How is Influencer Marketing plan is developed?
  • Steps to connect with Key Influencers in your Industry

Politics & Social Media

  • Social media & Politics: Case study on Interesting Political Campaigns

Video Marketing

  • Introduction to Video Marketing
  • Reasons Why Video Marketing gained much importance over other platforms?
  • How to create a Video: Introduction
  •  Video Marketing Strategies YouTube Marketing
  • Video SEO
  • Social Video
  •  E-Commerce Video
  • Video Marketing Platforms Video Marketing Case studies

Live Streaming

  • Introduction to Live Streaming
  • Live Streaming & Engagement
  • Live Streaming Tools

Customer Relation in Online Environment

  • Importance of Customer Relation in Online Environment Online Customer Journey
  • Methods to track & analyze Customer Journey & Inbound Marketing
  • Case studies – Customer Relation & Social Media

Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies

  • Offline vs Online Marketing
  • Why Is Integrated Marketing necessary?
  • Best Practices of Integrated Marketing Steps to build Perfect Integrated Marketing Strategies
  • Case studies of Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns – Airtel, OLA, Amazon etc.

Online Lead Generation Techniques

  • Understanding Lead Generation for Business
  • Why is Lead Generation important?
  • Understanding Landing Pages Understanding Thank-you Page
  • Landing pages vs Websites Best practice to create Landing Page and Thank You Page
  • Practical Exercise for creation of Landing Page
  • Types of Landing Pages Reviewing Landing Pages created by Trainees
  • What is A/B testing
  • How to do A/B testing Selecting Landing Pages after A/B testing
  • Converting Leads into Sales Creating Lead Nurturing Strategy
  • Understand Ultimate strategy to Generate Leads
  •  Integrating various Online Marketing Efforts
  • Intense practice on Conversion Chain CTA – Landing page- Thank you page
  • Creating LIVE Lead Generation Campaign & Analysis

    Ethics & Social Responsibilities in Digital Age

  • Understanding Digitalisation of Organization & Changing Responsibilities of Employees Guidelines on Online Monitoring of Digital Activities of Employees & Brand Reputation Management

Online Guerilla marketing

  • what is Guerilla Marketing?
  • Importance of Guerilla Marketing in Digital Age
  • Online Guerilla Marketing for Business
  • Guerilla Marketing Case studies
  • 7 Secret tips to do Guerilla Marketing across Industries & Platforms

Digital India Campaign & Impact Analysis

  • What is Digital India Campaign
  • Vision of Digital India
  • Key Vision areas of Digital India
  • 9 Important Pillars of Digital India
  • Challenges, Changes & its impact on Industries
  • Case Studies of Current Implementation of Digital India Campaign

Online Reputation Management

  • Online Reputation Management Scenario
  • Why Online Reputation Management has become Very important in Today’s Time
  • Understanding ORM scenario in India
  • 12 Online Reputation Management Rules
  • How to deal/handle with Criticism Online
  • 9 ways to create positive Brand Image Online
  • Step by Step Guide to overcoming Negative Online Reputation
  • Understanding Tools for Monitoring Online Reputation Online Reputation Management Project & Case Study

Viral Marketing

  • Concept – Viral Marketing
  • Why Viral Marketing?
  • Advantages & Disadvantages Difference between Viral Marketing & Growth Hacking Common Viral Marketing
  • Messaging 7 Secrets make anything Viral Interesting case studies of how Global Companies are using “Viral Marketing” to reach their Target Audience.

Freelancing Techniques

  • How to get Freelancing Projects?
  • Various Online Platforms to get Freelancing Projects Important Guide on how to Approach the Client & get the Project by beating your Competitor
  • Freelancing & Personal Branding

Digital Campaign Management

  • Creating & Managing the Live Campaigns
  •  Tools to Manage Online Campaigns
  • Things to Monitor while Managing Live Campaigns
  • 10 Case Studies on how best Campaigns are created & Achieved Great Success

Digital Marketing Tools

  • 30+ Different Tools to understand Every aspect of Digital Marketing Practically

Online Customer Acquisition

  • Customer Acquisition Process Creating Master plan for Online
  • Customer Acquisition Customer Acquisition Plan for Startups
  • ROI & Customer Acquisition Analysis
  • Case-studies

    Certifications – 

  • Inbound Certified
  • E-mail Marketing Certification
  • Adwords Search Certification
  • Adwords Display Certification
  • Adwords Mobile Certification
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Adwords Shopping Certification
  • Bing Ads Certified
  • A/B Testing Certified

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More & More people are consuming information online. Look around, especially at young children & teenagers and you’ll see the point.

3.6 billion internet users worldwide
1.8 billion Google searches a day
80 billion emails sent in a day
2 billion videos viewed a day
1.9 billion active Facebook users
Digital marketing can be done both online and offline. And both kinds matter.


As the name suggests, Digital Marketing is to promote business brand or even an individual through Internet, also referred to as Inbound Marketing and Internet Marketing. Digital Marketing Course in Indore covered all major topics like: SEO, PPC, SMM, ORM, Content Writing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing.

With Internet technology becoming huge and wide with every passing day, it makes Internet Marketing a growing and a booming industry in india and all over the world.


Digital Gurukul (www.digitalgurukul.in) is one of the best and the leading Institute for Digital Marketing training in whole of the Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

We at Digital Gurukul , design and validate the course according to latest industry trends and demands and teach the course keeping YOU and only YOU in our mind. We provide our students with 100% personal and practical training in Digital Marketing Course in Indore.

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