Eligibility Criteria:

Eligibility & Fees for Digital Marketing

Eligibility & Fees for Digital Marketing

Unlike other computer courses, Digital Marketing does not demand much from an individual.It requires no specific qualification or degree, no work experience and is even valid for those who have just basic or no knowledge at all about Internet Marketing.However, Learning digital marketing is not a Hard Choice.Taking a digital marketing course will not be expensive or a waste of time.

Who all are eligible ?????

Anyone who is interested in or wants to pursue a career in Digital Marketing can do it.

If you want to become an Entrepreneur and Freelancer than do not worry about eligibility because your talent cannot be measured by your Eligibility.In Digital Marketing, your TALENT, your CREATIVITY, your PASSION does matter, nothing else.  

If You Have CREATIVITY & PASSION Than Eligibility & Fees for Digital Marketing is Just a Word.

Moreover, individuals looking for a promotion or change in job or even those who want to update their skills and knowledge are also welcomed at Digital Gurukul.

The following should preferably opt for Digital Marketing & other Online Courses

  • Fresher’s- irrespective of educational background or field of work
  • College students or others wanting to make money Online
  • Small to large Business Owners, Entrepreneurs etc, who want instant visibility of their business online
  • Webmasters and Developers
  • SEM & PPC Executives
  • Advertising Professionals
  • Product and Brand Managers
  • Marketing professionals/executives, etc……

Fees :

Eligibility & Fees for Digital Marketing

The course fee can be paid in 2-3 easy instalments through Cash/ Cheque, depending on your convenience.

The Fee for the Digital Marketing & other web courses/ submodules are as follows:

Course Amount (Rs)
Complete Digital Marketing Course
(SEO/PPC/ORM/SMO/Blogging/Affiliate etc.)
SEO – Search Engine Optimization (Google/Bing)
PPC- Pay Per Click (Google Adwords/Bing)
SMO- Social Media Optimization(Facebook/Twitter/ etc)
SMM- Social Media Marketing(Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin)
SEM- Search Engine Marketing (Adwords/Bing)
Mobile Marketing/Mobile SEO / ASO
Google Analytics

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