22 Nov 2019

Digital Gurukul becomes First Digital Institute in India to use blockchain technology to digitalise its certification process

Digital Gurukul awarded Asia’s Best Digital Marketing Institute from Indore partnered with Germany Based Company -Certif-ID to issue blockchain-powered Certificates to its students -a feat that has yet to be achieved by any other Digital institutes in India, and among the very few to have taken this disruptive step globally.

The rollout of the diplomas on Blockchain will allow the students of Digital Gurukul and their prospective employers to access the diploma from any geographical location, without any need to send or present physical certificates. All students graduating from Digital Gurukul will now be able to share the credential of their diplomas with future employers and higher education institutions around the world without any hassle.



Dr. Raj Padhiyar -(Founder & Director, Digital Gurukul) said, Having forayed into the quest for continuous innovation in Digital education, it is due to its propensity for technical breakthroughs that today Digital Gurukul stands on a strong foundation of technology platforms across its systems and processes. Following this legacy, Digital Gurukul is now set to disrupt yet another age-old system of providing paper diplomas to its graduating students.

The prospective employer or other parties do not require additional software or specialized equipment, all they have to do is to scan the QR code which is printed on the certificate. The block created for the graduate will include their educational qualifications, portfolio, projects and even attendance.

The adoption of Blockchain Technology is still in its infancy in the education industry, but we believe it can help make the Indian education system more dependable and trustworthy. We, at Digital Gurukul, are very excited about the adoption of Blockchain to issue our diplomas and are sure it will be a move that every other education institution adopts soon, Dr. Raj Padhiyar further added.

About Digital Gurukul -Awarded Asia’s Best Digital Marketing Institute & 15+ National & International awards – It has trained 7850+ students, working professionals & entrepreneurs all over India.

Today Digital Gurukul has uniquely positioned itself as India’s only Classroom-based Digital Marketing Institute drawing from the strength and diversity of the fast-evolving global corporate world. With an edifice built on Innovation, Research and Technology, coupled with its philosophy of learning Beyond Education, Digital Gurukul is well on its path to create a globally networked, corporate savvy, research-driven Digital Marketing Institute which moves beyond traditional forms of Digital skills dissemination to a Practical & Project based delivery framework to create Industry Relevant Digital Marketers -an agile group of Digital professionals equipped to operate in today’s technology-driven business environment.

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