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Program Outcomes

The main aim of this program is to enable learners to understand the concepts of programming before actually starting to code new programs, to understand what happens in the background when the programs are executed, to develop logic for Problem Solving which would be useful while solving machine learning problems, to understand the basic constructs of programming such as data, operations, conditions, loops, functions etc, and to provide learners with hands-on coding using Numpy and Pandas libraries.

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Who Is This Program For?

First-time job seekers i.e., either final year/fresh college graduates or unemployed graduates with no technical work experience with an interest in python programming language and securing jobs/internships in this industry.

Minimum Eligibility ?

Minimum Age 17 &  anyone interested to pursue a career in programming


Top Skills You Will learn?

Python Basic & Advance, Database Connectivity, Basic Data Analysis, List, Tuples, Dictionary, stack, Git Hub

Career Opportunities?

Database administrator, desktop application developer, data analyst, python developer & SQL developer

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Certification Program offerings

certification in
Python basic & aDVANCE

Certification in
python basic & adv.
+ data structure & algorithms

Modules covered

Data types in python, Operators in python, Input and Output, Control statement, Arrays in python, String, and Character python, Functions, List and Tuples, Dictionaries Exception, Introduction to OOP, Classes, Objects, Interfaces, Inheritance

Link list, stack, queues, dequeues

Creating NumPy arrays, Indexing and slicing in NumPy, creating
multidimensional arrays, NumPy Data types, Array Attribute,
Indexing and Slicing, Creating array views copies, Manipulating
array shapes ,Basics of Pandas, Using multilevel series, Series
and Data Frames, Grouping, aggregating, Merge Data Frames

Link list, stack,queues,dequeues.

Python database connectivity.

Thread and Process, Starting a thread. Threading module Synchronizing threads, multithreaded Priority Queue.


1)To enable learners to understand what type of data structures can be used to store information of students.
(2)The project would be implemented using all the possible data structures such as a list, tuples, dictionaries, classes.

1)To enable learners to understand various file handling
techniques that are used in employee management software.

To enable learners to understand Numpy and Pandas libraries.

To enable learners to understand threading concepts.

1)To enable learners to understand what type of
data structures can be used to store information of patients.

(2)The project would be implemented using all the possible data structures such as a linked list, stack, queue, dequeue.

1)To enablel earners to understand various natural language processing techniques such as stemming, lemmatization, vectorization, and stop word removal through the G-mail spam detection project.

1)To enable learners to understand what type of data structures can be used to store information of passengers. 

(2)The project would be implemented using all the possible data structures such as a list, tuples, dictionaries, classes.

Programming Languages and Tools Covered


Leading Technical experts across Asia for powerful Python Programming Training you can ever get 

Karthik Konar

Trainer - Python PROGRAm

Karthik Konar is a final year student, Pursuing MCA(Masters in computer applications) from SVKM NMIMS Mukesh Patel school of technology management and engineering, he is very much interested in sharing his knowledge with the younger generation who have the urge to learn/enhance more in the field of computer science. He has worked as a professor in one of the coaching classes and he is currently teaching DBMS, Python & Machine learning courses for Engineering students. Wireless sensor networks, cyber forensics, theory of computation, fundamentals of algorithms were some of the subjects taught by Him to B.Sc(computer science) students. In addition to that, He has published 10 papers in the field of Data Analytics, Machine learning, wireless sensor networks, cyber forensics. He possesses a major interest in doing research work and contributing to his field.


Dr. raj padhiyar


Awarded Asia’s Best Digital Marketer of 2018- Dr. Raj Padhiyar who born & brought up in Mumbai. His education qualification includes (B.Com from Narsee Monjee College), (MBA from Welingkar Institute) & (M.Com from Mumbai University) & (Digital Marketing from Ireland). His involvement in Digital Marketing dates back to 2008 when Digital Marketing was a relatively new term for all the people across the industry by handling Freelancing work of small businesses & Educational Institution.

Dr. Raj Padhiyar is (Founder – Digital Gurukul – Awarded Asia’s Best Digital Marketing Institute & 12+ Awards), (Founder – Emvive – Cental India’s leading Digital Marketing Agency), Edtech Committee member (IAMAI- Government of India), Mentor of 50+ Organizations across Asia.

Dr. Raj Padhiyar is the only Indian to receive Doctorate in Digital Marketing from USA. He is also Awarded “Youngest Entrepreneur of the Year” for Digital Marketing Education in the year 2017, 2018 consecutively.

With 12+ National & International awards, Dr. Raj Padhiyar has been associated with various Government Organizations, Political Parties in managing their Digital portfolio. He has trained 15850+ Professionals across various industries & list is growing day by day. He has written several articles on Digital Marketing & his thoughts are regularly published in leading newspapers & Magazines across India including Times Now, Aajtak, and Deccan Herald etc. He has published his first book “Social Media & Politics in India” in 2019, available on Amazon & Flipkart. (It has got 5 star rating by readers) & his second book is published in 2020 “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing”.

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