Digital Gurukul Refer & Earn Program (Updated July 2022) & Earn upto ₹5,000 Per Enrolment !

About Refer & Earn Program

From July 2022 – Digital Gurukul is starting revolutionary Referral program for DG Connections where they can  Direct cash transfer & Crypto coins worth ₹5,000 Per enrollment passive income. (This program is valid only for first 50 DG connections)

Invite a Friend/Organisation to enrol for Digital Gurukul Program/Take DG Franchise and they’ll get a discount of 10%. You’ll get a Direct Cash transfer/Crypto coins upto ₹ 5,000 per enrolment or 10% of the Franchise amount !

Eg. If you get your friends group enrolled for the program – If 4 friends enrolled/4 Franchise deal closed – you can earn upto ₹20,000 PM/₹50,000 to ₹1,00,000 by just sitting at home.

What you need to do?

  1. Share 5 references of your network (Friends/Family members/Organisation/Startup) in this Google form & convey them of learning Digital Marketing to get Internship/Placement, Boost their startup/business, Earn additional income from home, get higher chance of promotion or benefits of getting DG Franchise
  2. If any of the reference joins any of our program/take DG Franchise – You are entitled for reference earnings! Its that SIMPLE!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer – Share the google form link with your friends by entering their personal details.

Answer –  You get a Direct cash transfer/Crypto Coins for every friend who join our program through your referral. Please note the referral reward/cash transfer is only valid for the friends/connections (referees) who are new to Digital Gurukul and make the enrolment done within 30 days of your referral. You will be eligible to receive the cash transfer/Crypto coins once the referee’s fees is completely paid.

Answer – We track your referrals regularly. Once your referee is validated to be new and makes the requisite enrolment, and after the referee’s money amount is fully paid, you will be eligible to receive the direct cash transfer/Crypto coins in your wallet. You should receive the cash transfer/crypto coins within 30 days of your eligibility via email/bank account/wallet.

Answer – Yes, the scheme for referral credit/Cash transfer is as follows –
Geo -India – INR –
Enrolment amount (Individual)- Voucher/Cash transfer eligible
₹15,000 to ₹35,000 –  – ₹2500
 ₹36,000 – ₹56,000- ₹5000
₹56,000- ₹98000 – ₹7500
Above ₹98000 – ₹10,000


Please note – Purchase amount excludes taxes, shipping, exam fees and other charges.

Answer – Yes, as of now – Only existing students/connections of Digital Gurukul is eligible for Refer and Earn program. Terms and conditions apply.

Answer – No, you can either enter their personal details (ie. Name ,Contact no, Email address etc.) You will be eligible to receive referral credit/cash transfer irrespective of the coupon code they use.

Answer – No, you are eligible for referral credit/cash transfer of friends/connections who have not interacted with Digital Gurukul or subsidiaries before and whose details do not exist in the databases of Digital Gurukul. Digital Gurukul shall solely determine if a referred person is new and eligible.

Answer – Yes. In that particular case- referral credit/cash transfer would be adjusted with net fees after DSAT/DMAT Scholarship as per the referral slab described below.

Honest Reviews

Digital Gurukul's referal program is amazing, this program helped me to earn passive income, I would like you recommend to join.
Referral Program
Nishpreet Singh
No age bar , no experience needed for me being a teenager it was great opportunity to be financially Independent.
Story of introvert Punjabi student who scored 100/100 in SEO- Bishanpal Singh Arora
Bishan Singh Arora
This program not only helped me financially but also I was able to learn about sales & marketing
Referral Program
Shreya Gangwar