SEO Tutorial for Beginners – Updated 2021

SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a process of getting traffic naturally from search engines. This complete SEO foundation Tutorials course for beginners is free and it will help you understand some the concepts behind successful SEO.
SEO Tutorials

SEO Tutorial – SEO tutorials for beginners – A simple tutorial on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to learn what is SEO / How SEO Work / Keywords and various SEO tools and techniques including White Hat, Meta tags Keywords, Anchor Title Hyperlink Images Web Page optimization and Search Engine Crawling Indexing.

What SEO is?

Search Engine Optimization refers to the collection of techniques and practices that allow a site to get more traffic from search engines (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft). SEO can be divided into two main areas: off-page SEO (work that takes place separate from the website) and on-page SEO (website changes to make your website rank better). This tutorial will cover both areas in detail! Remember, a website is not fully optimized for search engines unless it employs both on and off-page SEO.


  • Increased Traffic
  • ROI
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Increased site usability
  • Brand Awareness

Why is SEO Important?

When search engines gather data from WWW they perform much analysis and store the collected data into databases. The other hand; they have millions of daily users that use them to search for information they want. So basically search engines play an intermediate role between the user and the information they are looking for. See below image for better understanding.


This tutorial has been prepared for beginners to help them understand the simple but effective SEO characteristics.

SEO is a technique which helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query.

1.) Basic SEO

2.) Advanced SEO Tutorials

3.) SEO Tools

4.) SEO/PPC Interview Questions

5) Google Algorithm Latest updates

We have covered almost all major concepts related to Search Engine Optimization. Now you are familiar with most frequently used SEO related terminologies as well.

In a nutshell, we can have the following points as the ethical strategies for achieving optimal ranking in the search engines:

  • Use H1 Heading Tag
  • Content Should be Unique
  • All pages must conform to W3C standards.
  • Keyword density is never abusive.
  • Always include robots.txt, sitemap.xml, and urllist.txt.
  • Keywords are prominent in the Title, Metatags, and Headings.
  • ALT tags and Title tags are not forgotten.
  • Nomenclature is fundamental to being indexed.

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