9 important components of a startup pitch deck to secure funding

08 Feb 2023

9 important components of a startup pitch deck to secure funding

A startup pitch deck is a presentation that is used to pitch a startup to potential investors or partners. The pitch deck typically includes slides that provide an overview of the startup, its business model, target market, competitive advantage, and financial projections.

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<strong>9 important components of a startup pitch deck to secure funding</strong>

What is a Startup pitch deck?

A startup pitch deck is a visual representation of the business plan for a startup that is used to attract investors and obtain investment. Slides about the company’s history, the issue it is addressing, its solution, the market potential, the business strategy, the team, financial projections, and the ask are often included (i.e. how much funding is being sought and what the funds will be used for). A pitch deck’s objective is to persuade potential investors that the startup has a promising future for expansion and success.

What Is the Goal of a Startup pitch deck?

A startup pitch deck serves the objective is to persuading potential investors that the startup has a promising future and to raise money for the business. It should give a high-level summary of the business plan, emphasizing important elements such as the issue the firm is attempting to solve, the market opportunity, the suggested solution, the team, and financial predictions. The pitch deck should also make it obvious what makes the business special and show that it has a well-thought-out strategy for growing and making money. It should also make an impression on the investors and reflect the enthusiasm and mission of the business team.

9 important components of a startup pitch deck to secure funding

Here are the key components of a startup pitch deck :

1- Executive summary 

The startup pitch deck should be introduced on the first slide, which should also briefly and simply describe the nature of the company. Businesses generally compare their products and services to those of another well-known company on their opening slide, which also includes a unique value proposition.

2- Problem and solution

On this slide, the market opportunity is discussed. You’ll approach it from a different perspective whether the issue is one that hasn’t been addressed before or is a brand-new one. The key to this part of your presentation is persuading potential investors that the issue is real and, ideally, that it is severe and frequent.

Be as succinct as you can while presenting your solution. The discussion of features is incorrect. Talk about user advantages instead. Additionally, it’s crucial to explain how you make money. What startup business model do you employ?

3- Target market 

A target market is a collection of people who have things in common. Your service or product should be highlighted in your pitch deck because every service or product has a target market. Include details on the market opportunity for your business to prosper in the competitive landscape it operates in. How big is the market for goods or services like the ones the company provides?

9 important components of a startup pitch deck to secure funding
4- Competitive advantage 

The competitive advantage slide should describe how the startup’s product or service is different from and better than its competitors.

How the product will be marketed to and sold to its target market must be explained in detail. Investors will make use of this data to evaluate how well a business understands the market, how different its marketing strategy is from that of its rivals, and how big the market is.

5- Business model

The business model slide should describe how the startup plans to make money, including details on pricing, distribution, and revenue streams.

Because venture funders only care about income, this can be the most crucial section of your pitch deck. It can also be the most dangerous aspect since, for early-stage and pre-revenue businesses, market research might be the only option to identify the ideal business model—even though the actual outcome might be entirely different. Thankfully, seasoned VCs are aware of this.

6- Marketing and sales strategy

The marketing and sales strategy slide should describe how the startup plans to reach and sell to its target market.

It’s critical to provide specifics regarding the product’s marketing strategy and intended market. Investors will make use of this data to assess how well a business understands the size of the market and how its marketing strategy stands out from that of its rivals.

9 important components of a startup pitch deck to secure funding
7- Team

The team slide should introduce the founders and key team members, highlighting their relevant skills and experience.

Investors want assurance that the team working on your project has the knowledge and experience necessary to see the project through to completion because every business relationship is built on people. This explains why successful founders find it much simpler to raise money.

8- Financial projections

You now have the chance to persuade potential backers that this endeavor will be worthwhile.

The fact that investors are often more concerned with the viability of the business assumptions than with actual revenue and profit estimates surprises many entrepreneurs. The reason for this is that, in contrast to business assumptions, predictions often have a lot more facts supporting them than projections. It is also one of the most important parts of your startup pitch deck.

9- Funding request

You now go into detail on the part an investor will play in the development of your product. Detailing the amount of capital you require, what you will use it for specifically, and how the investment will affect the company’s worth are the absolute minimum requirements. Make sure to explain the utilization of cash in relation to your anticipated milestones, such as your break-even point, some appreciable growth, or the creation of your product.

9 important components of a startup pitch deck to secure funding

A startup pitch deck should be concise and visually appealing, and should effectively communicate the key points and value proposition of the startup.

Hopefully, now you can quickly and easily create a strong presentation of your new company using the startup pitch deck elements from the above list by Digital Gurukul. Always be succinct and as clear as you can when communicating. Startup pitch deck are like the teaser for a movie, they aren’t meant to provide all the answers, but rather to pique investors’ attention and prompt further discussion.

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