12 Most Profitable Franchise Business Opportunities In India

15 Sep 2022

12 Most Profitable Franchise Business Opportunities In India

12 Most Profitable Franchise Business Opportunities In India

Did it ever strike your mind that you also want to have your own business and do not want to work under someone?

I feel everyone at least once in their life had thought about it. 

But it is not at all easy to start your own business and make it a huge brand with a good return on your investment. 

Let me tell you all that India is the third-largest client of products and services within the world market. Launching a franchise in an Asian country could be a tried-and-tested approach to beginning one’s own venture. vehicles, beauty, fast food, education, wellness, Postal delivery, fashion, and Health care are a number of the foremost chased domains for beginning a franchise.

Well, my friends if you are seriously planning to have your own business but want to do it with lesser trouble then you are at the right place. 

Keep reading this article and by the end, you will be able to decide what franchise is best suited for you.

What is a Franchise?

A franchise (or franchising) could be a methodology of distributing products or services involving a franchisor, Who establishes the brand’s trademark or brand name and a business system, and a franchisee, who pays a royalty and sometimes an initial fee for the right to do business underneath the franchisor’s name and system.

What are the Benefits of a Franchise?
  • Lower operating cost
  • Local Business information
  • Rapid enlargement
  • Branding
  • Training and technical power
  • Less risk for franchisee
  • Easy access to capital
What are the drawbacks of a Franchise?
  • Limited Exit Strategy
  • Costly Investment
  • More management of the parent company
  • Have to share some proportion of profit with parent company
  • Strict Operations pointers

Here are the top 12 Most Profitable Franchise Business Opportunities In India – 

1- Digital Gurukul’s Hybrid Franchise Model
12 Most Profitable Franchise Business Opportunities In India
Franchise NameDigital Gurukul
Founded in2015
InvestmentOriginal- 2 Lakhs, Current offer- 99,000/-
Franchise Units5

Digital Gurukul’s Hybrid Franchise is a new and amazing concept for people who have less budget but wants to merge with a good brand name. 

Digital Gurukul was established in 2015 by Dr. Raj Padhiyar and since then they have completed more than 100+ batches with 44850+ students trained. 

Today, Digital Gurukul offers, Master’s, Diploma, and various certificate courses in 50+ modules of Digital Marketing across Asia. Not only college-going students but business owners and colleges also enroll in the modules of Digital Gurukul. The Institute offers offline and online learning programs with career outcomes for students, Working Professionals, and Entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams.

Requirements for Franchise: (No dedicated office required)

* Minimum space required of 300-800 square feet at Home/Office 

* Adequate space to put signage board of minimum 9*3.5

* Minimum adequate team required to reach out to students, parents, and colleges for counseling & conversion.

Additionally, Digital Gurukul will be assisting you in the whole training and marketing of your franchise. 

To know more in detail visit Digital Gurukul’s website or read the article on Digital Gurukul’s Hybrid Franchise Model.

Along with this, you can watch an interview with Dr. Raj Padhiyar on – HTTPS://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/WATCH?V=QHHB0XKA36A

2- Subway 
12 Most Profitable Franchise Business Opportunities In India
Franchise NameSubway
IndustryFood and Beverages (Fast Food)
Founded in1965
InvestmentINR 40-90 Lakhs
Franchise UnitsMore than 500

The well-recognized Subway is the biggest American sandwich chain that has spread globally and sells healthy sandwiches and salads. Its mission of providing fast service of high-quality sandwiches at nice costs saw its client base grow loyally and quickly.

Subway is recognized within the Beverages and Food section mutually of the simplest franchise business in India. Its giant selection in bread-like gluten-free, multi-grain, whole wheat and additional including a spread of sandwiches, salads, and filling Subs are very hip. 

3- Giani’s Ice Creams and Desserts
12 Most Profitable Franchise Business Opportunities In India
Franchise NameGiani’s
IndustryFood and Beverages (Desserts and Ice creams)
Founded in1956
InvestmentINR 10-14 Lakhs
Franchise Units50+

Being one of the oldest branded ice cream parlors Giani’s is a well-known chain throughout the world. Giani’s was founded in 1956 by Giani Gurcharan Singh. 

In the beginning, it was named Giani di Hatti in Chandani Chowk, Old Delhi and since then it unstoppable.  

Giani’s is having many well-running franchises in India now and they are running keeping the taste of Giani’s alive. Giani’s is known to be amongst the best franchises to own in India which offers a huge ROI with a relatively small investment. 

4- DTDC Courier and Cargo Ltd.
12 Most Profitable Franchise Business Opportunities In India
Franchise NameDTDC Courier and Cargo Ltd.
IndustryCourier and Delivery
Founded in1990
InvestmentINR 50k – 2 Lakhs
Franchise Units1000+

With more than 1000 franchise units in India, DTDC was founded in 1990 by Shubhashish Chakraborty as a founder, chairman and managing director of DTDC courier and Cargo Ltd. DTDC stands for Desk-to-Desk-courier.

DTDC is a wonderful franchise business opportunity available for people who want to own their own businesses. 

DTDC is one of the well-known and trusted brands in the courier industry which allows business owners or franchise partners an opportunity to earn more. 

5- Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Ltd.
12 Most Profitable Franchise Business Opportunities In India
Franchise NameJawed Habib Hair and Beauty Ltd.
IndustryBeauty and Wellness
Founded in2000
InvestmentINR 20-30 Lakhs
Franchise UnitsApproximately 875

Jawed Habib, a brand dealing within the salon business. it’s a widely known Indian complete with its branches in additional than eighty cities and twenty states. many folks like the higher than complete for salon-related work. His ancestry and family skills have a serious role in his success. Jawed’s visionary and entrepreneurial endeavors junction rectified him to ascertain his complete globally through franchise organizations in Bharat. He ought to be attributable for the conveyance of a transmutation within the social perception of Indian barbers.

6- Lenskart
12 Most Profitable Franchise Business Opportunities In India
Franchise NameLenskart
Founded in2010
InvestmentINR 30-35 Lakhs
Franchise Units350+

Talk about quick growth and name, and therefore the name Lenskart seems direct. Lenskart was founded in the year 2010 by Peyush Bansal, Amit Chaudhary, and Sumeet Kapahi, and since then it’s simply taken many years for them to succeed at a competitive level and make their own name. As one of the leading eyewear brands in the Asian nation, Lenskart has over 350 + retailers, all across the country. 

The franchise chance has smart profits and is hinged on Lenskart’s growth plans to require their footprint in retail eyewear to each nook and corner of Asian country.

7- InXpress Delivery
12 Most Profitable Franchise Business Opportunities In India
Franchise NameInXpress Delivery
IndustryDelivery and Courier business
Founded in2011
Investment₹5 to ₹7 lakh
Franchise Units50+

InXpress, supported in 2011, includes a well-established international partnership network of units that handle the deliveries and pickup of parcels, top-end carriers, and facilities. they provide nice and realistic costs friendly services and supply their franchisees with a reliable name to provide international deliveries at economical costs. 

The versatile business chance could be a low investment, with high returns on investment business model.

8- Affinity Salon
12 Most Profitable Franchise Business Opportunities In India
Franchise NameAffinity Salon
IndustryWellness and Beauty Salons
Founded in1992
Investment₹30 to ₹50 lakh
Franchise Units100+

Affinity Salon was founded in 1992 by Vishal Sharma. Affinity Salon – brand providing luxury salon interiors, expert workers, international beauty products, and additional to supply a luxury environment. it absolutely was rated among the highest hundred salons globally by the Salon Red Book. 

the thought of a franchise chance within the unisex salon whole is appealing and profitable. Affinity Salons plans to require its reach over India being the simplest franchise in India. it’s seen a gradual dealing of loyal customers who love the whole, exclusive hair treatments, and upbeat regimens.

9- Patanjali
12 Most Profitable Franchise Business Opportunities In India
Franchise NamePatanjali
IndustryFMCG and Ayurveda
Founded in2006
Investment7 Lakh
Franchise Unitsaround 5000

Patanjali was founded in 2006 by the very famous Baba Ram Dev Ji. The first product lines of the corporate were herbal and Ayurvedic things. once obtaining good success in this field, Patanjali expanded its business in alternative areas too, like beauty products, health care, food product, and far additional.

It has become one of the foremost added products within the FMCG market. For taking its franchise you’d want a minimum space area of five hundred square foot an investment of a minimum of seven lakhs, you’ll exceed the finance as per your budget. you’ll earn a decent quantity of money by taking its franchise because it has become a reliable and economical brand in exactly a few years of time span.

10- Domino’s
12 Most Profitable Franchise Business Opportunities In India
Franchise NameDomino’s
IndustryFood and Beverages (Fast Food)
Founded in1961
Investment₹65 lakhs to ₹2 crores
Franchise Units1500+ (India)

Domino’s Pizza is an American restaurant chain that was founded in 1961 in Michigan by CEO Richard Allison. Owning more than 15000 stores globally (more than 1500 in India), it is known to be one of the largest pizza chains.

Dominos is that the name that pops up in our head when someone mentions Pizzas. With a complete worth on a global level and providing the most effective quality within the field.

It is one of the foremost no-hit and profitable ventures for business owners who owns its franchise. Taking Dominos’ franchise would possibly end up being the best call for you, provided that you select the correct location or space for your business venture.

11- EuroKids
12 Most Profitable Franchise Business Opportunities In India
Franchise NameEuroKids
IndustryPre-school Education
Founded in2001
InvestmentINR 10-20 Lakhs
Franchise Units1000+

The Indian pre-school sector has big steady and is anticipated to compound its rate of growth by a 3rd within the next few years. EuroKids was founded in 2001, Eurokids has a desirable name for being the most effective preschool for kids. Vikas Phadnis and Prajodh Rajan were centered on the ‘child first’ ideology and creating all children as the primary kid led to their extraordinary growth. 

it’s a presence of over one thousand franchise retailers in 350 cities touch Asian nations, Nepal, and India. Its plans up to create Eurokids the most effective place for quality education to nurture and form young minds.

12- FabIndia
12 Most Profitable Franchise Business Opportunities In India
Franchise NameFabIndia
Founded in1960
InvestmentINR 40-50 Lakhs
Franchise Units300+

Last but not the least, FabIndia was founded in 1960 by John Bissell, Fabindia is an Indian store chain dealing in clothes, fabrics, furnishings, and alternative ethnic products handcrafted by craftspeople across rural Asian nations. Fab India tries to embrace and propagate Indian culture through its product.

If you wish to own a Fabindia Franchise, you will need an initial investment of about ₹40- ₹50 lakhs and a storage area of about 3000 square feet. FabIndia owns more than 300 stores in India and international stores too.

Franchises are very fashionable in India as a result, you don’t get to build a complete from scratch, and it’s already well established. it’s a typical belief that you simply got to pay loads of cash as an investment to begin a franchise. however, it’s not true. There are several franchises in Asian countries that may be started with investments as low as ₹1 lakh. you simply got to notice the correct franchise in keeping with your investment capability, business decisions, outlet house, etc. 

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