6 things every startup business plan should include!

13 Jan 2023

6 things every startup business plan should include!

6 things every startup business plan should include!

A Startup business plan is a document that outlines the goals, strategies, and financial projections for a business. It is an important tool for startups as it helps to define the direction and focus of the business and can be used to secure funding and attract partners and investors.

In our previous blogs about startups, Digital Gurukul has covered various important aspects of startups like Top startup accelerators in India. After all these Digital Gurukul Decided to share what are the 6 basic things every startup business plan should include to help you in your business planning. 

Let’s first discuss what is a Startup Business Plan and why it is important.

What is a Startup Business Plan?

A startup business plan is a document that outlines the key details of a new business venture. It includes information about the business’s goals, target market, target customers, products or services offered, marketing and sales strategy, and financial projections. The purpose of a startup business plan is to help founders and investors understand the potential of the business and to provide a roadmap for the company’s development and growth. A well-written business plan can also be used to attract funding, partnerships, and other resources necessary to get the business off the ground.

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6 things every startup business plan should include!

What is the importance of a Startup Business Plan? 

A startup business plan is important because it helps founders and investors to understand the potential of the business and to provide a roadmap for the company’s development and growth. It also serves as a reference point for the business and can help to ensure that the business stays on track.

A good Startup business plan can be used to:

1- Attract funding: A well-written business plan can help to persuade potential investors or lenders to provide the necessary funding for the business.

2- Establish goals and objectives: A business plan can help founders to clarify their goals and objectives, and to create a plan for achieving them.

3- Define the target market: A business plan can help founders to identify and target the right customers for their products or services.

4- Develop a marketing and sales strategy: A business plan can help founders to develop a strategy for promoting and selling their products or services.

5- Identify potential challenges: A business plan can help founders to anticipate and plan for potential challenges that may arise as the business grows.

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Here are some key elements that should be included in a startup business plan:

6 things every startup business plan should include!
1- Executive summary

An overview can be included in an executive summary of a startup business plan. Its goal is to provide readers with a quick summary of a document’s main ideas so they can save time and be better prepared for the information that follows. For this reason, the executive summary is frequently referred to be the most crucial section of the business plan.

2- Market analysis

This section should provide an overview of the market in which the business will operate, including information on the size and growth of the market, competitors, and potential customers.

3- Product or service 

This section should describe the product or service that the business will offer, including its features and benefits, target market, and pricing strategy.

Your business plan’s products and services section describe your product or service, the need for it in your market, and how it will compete with other companies that offer identical or related goods and services.

4- Marketing and sales

This section should describe how the business will promote and sell its product or service, including details on marketing and advertising efforts, sales channels, and pricing strategy.

Finding a customer at the lowest cost per acquisition is crucial for the majority of startups. Because it’s normally affordable and simple to measure, digital marketing will usually give you the best return on investment.

5- Operations 

Give a brief overview of your company’s progress to date and the market you are currently serving. Who are the individuals investing in and involved with the company? Give a brief summary of the composition, qualifications, achievements, and experience of your present management team. Potential investors will be interested in these and other important pieces of information. Everyone wants to support the victor, and you and your team must be that victor.

6- Financial projections

This section should include financial projections for the business, including revenue and expenses, as well as details on how the business will be funded.

The planning process also requires projecting your financial flow, which is an essential stage. Any business needs cash flow, but startups require it more than any other type. A small firm might soon run out of cash due to things like loan payments, inventory, capital investments, customer receivables, and other initial expenditures. 

You must control your accounts payable and receivable as well as be ready to handle any deficits if you want your firm to prosper. Even though all business owners want to avoid them, gaps do occasionally occur. Make sure you always have at least two to three months’ worth of operational expenditures in the bank. Read about Top Startup Business loan options in India in 2023 for further help.

6 things every startup business plan should include!


This section should summarize the key points of the business plan and provide a clear and compelling argument for why the business will be successful. There are Top startup expos where a lot of types of startups come and show their talent. 

It’s important to keep in mind that a business plan is a living document that will evolve as the business grows and changes. It’s important to review and update the plan regularly to ensure that it remains relevant and accurate.

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