23 Feb 2018

7 Secret “Growth Hacking” Tactics of 2018 to instantly boost your Social Media Marketing result by 2589%!!

To the people who want to get the most out of social networking sites, want to outshine other brands and who always believe in the win – Growth Hacking Tactics is key for them.

Do you ever wonder about the role of psychology & Secret “Growth Hacking” Tactics in Digital marketing? Do you remember the Asian Paint Advertisement –“HAR GHAR KUCH KEHTA HAIN” where they combined both emotions and paints to increase their sales & profit tremendously.   Become irresistible to your audienceYou can thank me later!

Here are my 7 personal favorite ways that will definitely boost your Social media marketing results.



It’s not about what you want to say, it’s about what they want to hear.

What to write:

Important rule of Growth Hacking is – It doesn’t matter what you want to say, it always matters what they want you to say. Each word you write creates a huge impact on them, choose words wisely.

A satisfied customer is the best social media strategy one can ever have so that they are actually interested in your brand or product.

Never forget your customers, at the end of the day they are your biggest commitment.


Be a constant presence on social media and in the inbox of your subscribers.

What to do:

In Growth Hacking – “The more we’re exposed to something, the more we like it. because the more we meet and interact with people, the more likely we are to become friends with them.”So blog early, blog often.

The more frequently a customer opens your emails and downloads your content more they’re mentally involved with you.

More often they go along with your request, the more likely they are to comply with a larger request for sharing your content & invite


Target their Emotions

How should they feel:

Ever wondered about the meaning of different colors? or Use of any specific background picture? Its all about what you choose to display, even tiny details matters.That’s how you will catch their attention

Psychology says that the impact of emotions on the brain is more than any other impact. Speak about some social issues in your content so that they will feel that you are also one of them.

Show them happy faces positive impact on their mind, they should get positive vibes and should get attached to your brand or product




Rating can enhance or destroy your brand image

What to ask them:

“When we don’t know how to behave, we copy other people. It is Because why make up our own mind when others can do it for you. We always use Shortcuts”

Good rating makes your audience Trust you. If you have the positive rating, your audience will come to you.

Never underestimate the power of rating. Always ask them to rate and comment because there’s always a room for improvement.



Choices should be made strictly according to requirements

What to care about:

More choices don’t demonstrate Creativity, it complicates the decision-making process and opens the door to second-guessing and inaction.

Don’t confuse your audience with too many choices. If you confuse them, you may lose them.

There’s a need to study the audience completely so that you know their requirements and thus choices.


Take Bounce rate into consideration

What matters:

High Bounce rate means your audience don’t stick to read your content properly. If people won’t read your content properly, it’s of no use.

To keep bounce rate low your content must be short and simple.  Also, make it easy to understand and attractive. It should not be boring.

Take interest in your audience- get personalized with them, use their name, express gratitude towards them. 



All landing pages are your Digital Sales Representative

What to show off:

The purpose of a landing page is to make visitor into the lead or potential customer.   Make landing page look catchy.

Offer them something they can’t say “No” like a free E-book, buy one get one free, or any discount. Your aim is to make them greedy.

Landing Page makes user willing to give you the information all by themselves like their email address or maybe contact number and you can pursue them later.






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