8 Most Popular Education Bloggers/Influencers in India (Updated 2022)

17 Oct 2022

8 Most Popular Education Bloggers/Influencers in India (Updated 2022)

Who is an influencer?

An influencer is a person who wields influence over an audience of individuals. During a promoting context, they need an oversized social media following and work with brands to push products and services.

They pass on information they have about any product or service.

We have shared the best bloggers or influencers in various other sectors also like, Cryptocurrency, Finance, Digital Marketing, Real estate, and Automobile.

8 Most Popular Education Bloggers/Influencers in India (Updated 2022)

Who are Education bloggers/Influencers?

An education influencer uses their social media platform to market educational content. These influencers typically post concerning instructional topics, share resources, and supply tips and recommendations for college students and parents.

Susan Thomas
8 Most Popular Education Bloggers/Influencers in India (Updated 2022)

Susan is a former Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer and the director of the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Bengaluru.

Susan has also been part of multiple TedX talk programs where she educates on different topics to the viewers like Technology and Civilisation interwoven into Textiles and Why working in the government is lit.

Susan shares the most pragmatic and application-based tips for students on Instagram. She is not only an educationalist but also works very hard for women’s empowerment. 

Arpit Chadha
8 Most Popular Education Bloggers/Influencers in India (Updated 2022)

A well-known education blogger Arpit Chadha is 25 years old and Vice Chairman at I.T.S The Education Group. 

leading instructional group of India I.T.S give an embarrassment of courses that contribute to the line for the ambition and goals of young gifted professionals. they provide numerous courses, all of that contributes to meeting the aspirations and objectives of young, gifted professionals. 

This group is establishing new standards in instruction by concentrating on delivering high-quality education, and Arpit Chadha is providing the leadership necessary to create this happen.

You can follow him if you’re fascinated by reading educational blogs or learning what you’ll do to serve your students better.

Bunker Roy
8 Most Popular Education Bloggers/Influencers in India (Updated 2022)

Sanjit “Bunker” Roy is an Indian social activist and educator who founded Barefoot College. He was selected as one of Time 100’s 100 most influential personalities in 2010 for his work in educating illiterate and semi-literate rural Indians. Roy was awarded the Padma Shri by Giani Zail Singh in 1986.

Barefoot College is an organization that trains the poor, particularly poor women, to become self-sufficient through education and training.” 

Sachin Ravi & Raghav Chakravarthy
8 Most Popular Education Bloggers/Influencers in India (Updated 2022)

Sachin Ravi and Raghav Chakravarthy are the founders of Walnut Knowledge Solutions. They both together have their own unique way of passing on the knowledge they have. 

They are also building a social quizzing platform for kids and their parents.​

They are quiz masters and hosts, having conducted quizzes at schools, colleges, companies, and weddings.

Shyla is their flagship product which may be a curiosity-based learning platform that’s designed to foster a holistic learning outlook through updated technology that helps students learn simply and effectively.

Walnut Knowledge Solutions uses insights that need to be gathered over the years in education so as to serve youngsters in the very best ways in which. they’re continuously receptive to collaborating with the key players of the business to make mutual partnerships that may profit the learners in multiple ways.

Him-eesh Madaan
8 Most Popular Education Bloggers/Influencers in India (Updated 2022)

Based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, Him-eesh could be a well-known motivational speaker and life-skill coach whose psychological feature has created his mark within the field of personal development. He’s known for his youth-focused assistance material in India.

Before he became an enterprise, Himesh worked as a trainer and life-skill coach for varied businesses. Him-eesh Madaan could be a psychological feature Speaker, Career planner, and businessperson. Driven by his passion for empowering people, he has trained and self-addressed over 1,00,000 people.

He posts videos that are able to Inspire and Entertain you on Motivation, Positive Thinking, Career, Relationships, Self Help, Goals, etc.

He keeps uploading motivational videos in Hindi for achievement in Life. His videos embrace topics like sacred Speech in Hindi, motivational Hindi Speech, Positive Thinking Videos, and temperament Development Coaching Videos.

Dr. Raj Padhiyar
8 Most Popular Education Bloggers/Influencers in India (Updated 2022)

Dr. Raj Padhiyar is the CEO and Founder of Digital Gurukul and has done P.hd in Digital marketing as well. 

Dr. Raj Padhiyar is known for his own style of teaching and supporting his students at all levels of their lives. 

Dr. Raj Padhiyar has also published a book on Digital Marketing named Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Dr. Raj Padhiyar in the year 2020. 

Dr. Raj Padhiyar is known for his best and easy approach to Digital Marketing techniques and has been awarded Asia’s leading edtech company with 12+ awards), (founder – Digital Gurukul agency)– India’s leading Digital Agency) & has trained 22850+ students with 15+ awards across Asia with 50+ news media.

Dr. Raj Padhiyar has been appointed as a committee member of edtech committee (IAMAI – Government of India) – the youngest member to be part of such a prestigious Committee.

One of the most famous articles by Digital Gurukul was – TOP 25 SUCCESSFUL BLOGGING TIPS THAT WILL 1001% WORK IN 2022

And a beneficial video on-  Complete Guide For Job/Startup/Freelancing In Digital Industry

Roman Saini
8 Most Popular Education Bloggers/Influencers in India (Updated 2022)

Roman Saini is a Co-Founder of Unacademy Group. He has done his education in Bangalore. Roman is best noted to provide up his civil service post (IAS) to follow his vision. At the age of sixteen he cracked NEET and commenced his career as a junior doctor, at the age of twenty-two he cracked UPSC and joined as an IAS officer in Gorakhpur, Utter Pradesh.

Throughout his career, he has determined the poor education system of the country that was solely offered to the rich. Then he realized he ought to come back up with one thing to form education offered and reasonable for the scholars. Then he resigned from his civil service post and based to Unacademy which offers an overplus of courses to the scholars getting ready for varied exams. 

Alakh Pandey
8 Most Popular Education Bloggers/Influencers in India (Updated 2022)

Alakh Pandey is the Founder and chief executive officer of Physics Wallah, India’s leading, most reasonable Ed-tech platform, that provides an accessible, comprehensive, and progressive learning expertise.

“Money mustn’t be an obstacle within the path of achieving one’s dreams” powering this vision a team of innovators at Physics Wallah perpetually work towards making a system of instructional product and services that are premium, interactive, intelligible & accessible to all or any.

Because of his accessible approach to education, Alakh Pandey is revered by several pupils who kind of an in-depth student network. once he was within the method of building his dreams, he turned down offers totaling seventy-five crore and remained faithful to his values by continuing to produce financial coaching jobs.

These influencers have access to a massive database containing resources that educators can use at schools, colleges, and universities. And following them will make the education sector a lot easy for you or your family.

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