22 Jan 2021

Digital World in Assam.!!

If you are looking for the best digital marketing course in Assam, then you’re in the right place..!! Digital Gurukul will help you master the course.
Before digging deep..Let’s see the importance of digital marketing industry in Assam.
Assam situated in northern-eastern part of India with population around 3 crores.The lack of digital marketer and experienced experts has given a hike to several digital marketing courses in the state. Also the rise in the industrialisation and MNC’s has made people with little technical know- how to learn digital marketing and work as a digital expert.
But before that let’s look at the statistics of career opportunity in this field of study, especially in Assam using: https://www.linkedin.com

Digital World in Assam.!!

Looking at the opportunities is what Digital Gurukul offers in Assam- Awarded Asia’s Best Digital Training Institute a Diploma in Digital Marketing.

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