03 Jun 2022

How a girl from Itasri defied all the odds & taking her digital art startup across the world!

How a girl from Itasri kajal defied all the odds & taking her digital art startup across the world!

Our Indian culture has been known for its orthodox mentality where women were only allowed to stay back at home and do household chores which BTW is itself an art. But with changing times women of India are not only working hand in hand with the men but proving themselves to be good businesswomen as well. They are taking all the necessary education to support their knowledge and standing on their own feet. In this article, I will be sharing How a girl from Itasri defied all the odds & taking her digital art startup across the world! 

This blog is also about a girl from a small town who not only dared to start her own business but enhanced her skills by pursuing the required qualifications for the same. KAJAL JAIN a 25-year-old girl from Itarsi completed her UG in B.com taxation and her PG in MBA (Marketing and finance) From Bhopal. Kajal reminds me of one more star of Digital Gurukul, Shubham Joshi who even after having a well-settled government job pursued a master in Digital Marketing and planning to start his new start-up soon.

When asked Kajal to tell us who as a person Kajal is she says “Kajal is full of colors, creativity, adventure, a risk-taker, and always willing to learn new things and make Kajal a better person every new day. Whether it comes to knowledge or lifestyle I always want to be updated with things and people.” 

Kajal was always into art since childhood which lead her to a video someday that was related to raisin art, “A few months ago I came to know about resin art, and the moment I saw a reference video I just wanted to buy material and start doing it right away. And so I did.

I started to collect all the materials required and starts to make resin without having any theoretical and practical knowledge about the art. I didn’t even care about my article getting wasted. I just wanted to do it.

And that article comes out to be the best than ever. It was so satisfying to make resin. And my first article encourages me to do more of it. I started to get orders for the same and all the compliments made me more confident and motivated. 

So yes, I am a self-made artist and I feel proud of my work and what I do.” says Kajal. 

Kajal started her business in 2020 as an artist, Kajal makes Paintings and Rasin art and has her own Instagram handle named kajalcolourecastle, Kajal is planning to have her own website in the future for the same. 

Kajal realized that just making an Instagram account will not help her to grow her business, “Before pursuing digital marketing, I use to get orders just from certain people who know me and were in direct contact with me. But I want everybody to know about my business and story. 

I didn’t want to work in a limited area. I was not getting sufficient traffic which I was expecting. 

I was struggling with managing my social media accounts, and what to post. Difficult in finding written content for the pages.” says Kajal.

Kajal pursued her Masters in Digital Marketing course from Digital Gurukul, Indore under mentor Dr. Raj Padhiyar sir, who is known for his best knowledge about the Digital world and has even published his book on the same. Kajal says, “The first time I come to know about Digital Gurukul I was giving my final examination for my MBA. And everything I read about Digital Gurukul I was sure about doing a course with the institution for sure.”

she adds, “ My whole journey with Digital Gurukul and Raj sir was very good. Honestly, I had zero technical knowledge about all this. The first time I had a talk with Raj sir was in March 2020. And I was so sure for joining the program on 8th April 2020. But then COVID hit the world so badly, and everything stopped there itself. Then finally after 2 years I finally got the chance to enhance my skills with Digital Gurukul. And my decision to join Digital Gurukul was a life-changer for me.”

How a girl from Itasri defied all the odds & taking her digital art startup across the world!

Kajal was independent with her work and once she did her Digital Marketing course he felt she became independent with selling and marketing her products as well along with many many different sectors in Digital Marketing, “There was a vast difference I found after learning digital marketing.

My social media accounts started to grow more, I get to know about the right content for the page, how can I design my own website and many more. Out of all the topics in Digital Marketing, and being an artist Graphics designing, website making, social media marketing, and content writing were my favorite topics. They seem interesting and challenging to me. I feel Digital Marketing has given me more exposure than I have expected, I would thank Raj Padhiyar sir for making me even more Independent.” 

How a girl from Itasri defied all the odds & taking her digital art startup across the world!

It is scary to start your own business or pursue something different from the education one has taken, like everyone Kajal was also confused about what to opt for with her education as well, “Since starting I was very confused about pursuing my career. should I go for fashion designing or interior designing or should I make my career in Art and craft or go for a job after my MBA.

I just want to say to all the readers if you want to start your business digitally and want to grow it globally you surely need digital knowledge and see how much easier it will get for you to reach the new highest in the digital world.”

Kajal is a fighter and does not want to give up on her dreams according to her, huge support was her decision on pursuing the Digital Marketing course and immense support given by Raj Padhiyar sir, she says, Raj Sir gave us more duration of time in class so that he can clear all our doubts and not even one question was left unanswered, He also always suggested what to do next for my growth in going Digital with my business, and I am very sure I can reach him as many as times I seek his advice.”

With the story of Kajal only one line is clicking in my mind, “Kar har maidan Fateh” 

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