22 Mar 2023

Students Tale-3 Ruqaiya a girl from Rajasthan reaching her dream with DIgital Gurukul

We have covered various interviews with our diverse students at Digital Gurukul. We have seen students from different states, cities, and cultures. All of them come in one place to upgrade the same skill which is Digital Marketing. Today we will share the story of Ruqaiya.

Do you wonder, why Digital Marketing is so hyped these days?

With good reason, digital marketing has recently been one of the hottest issues. The emergence of digital technologies and the internet has significantly altered how firms communicate with their clients, and digital marketing has developed into a crucial tool for organizations to reach their target market.

The popularity of digital marketing is largely due to its capacity to connect with a large and varied audience. Digital marketing, as opposed to conventional marketing avenues like TV, radio, and print media, enables companies to efficiently contact people all over the world. The playing field has been leveled for small and medium-sized businesses as a result, enabling them to compete with bigger firms.

Ruqaiya Abid is a student of the first online batch of the year 2023. Pursuing the very famous course of Digital Gurukul that is Alt MBA. Ruqaiya is an 18-Year-old girl from Bahrain. 

Students Tale-3 Ruqaiya a girl from Rajasthan reaching her dream with DIgital Gurukul

When asked Ruqaiya to tell us about herself she said, “I am the only child in my family, I am a fun loving and energetic person. Quite passionate about learning new things and building new skills. I am a henna designer and like to do crochet as well plus to know about different stuff in my free time.” 

Ruqaiya Studied till the 12th in Bahrain and Currently doing BCA from Amity University. When asked what attracted her towards Digital Marketing, she says, “this is the generation of technology and everything has come on a digital platform so if the world is being digital it is important for us also to upgrade ourselves and learn to do things which are much in demand nowadays and it gives us practical knowledge and it is something which will add to my skill set and is a benefit of a lifetime.” 

Ruqaiya thinks that Digital Marketing can create a unique bond with the customers, to this she adds, “Short video contents people don’t have much time to see long videos plus they want few minutes of relaxation with these short reels or shots are best for that, it makes a close relationship with the customer and the video should be creative enough to catch the attention of the viewer and then slowly fit your product in their brain.”

Ruqaiya loves to Create reels and memes because she is a very creative person She spent her most of her time on social media so she has a better knowledge of it and she likes to create new stuff and experiment with her skills. 

<strong>Students Tale-3 Ruqaiya a girl from Rajasthan reaching her dream with DIgital Gurukul</strong>

Ruqaiya get to know about Digital Gurukul from her friends who have already done their course from Digital Gurukul and are placed in good Digital Marketing companies. When we asked Ruqaiya what is that she likes the most about Digital Gurukul and Dr. Raj Padhiyar she says, “Raj sir explains in a very easy way he makes hard topics easier to understand with better examples and daily life situations. I never had to force myself to attend the classes because he used to explain things in a very interesting way and even tried to lighten the mood of the class so it was fun to learn with him and he even used to give extra knowledge about the digital world.” 

She adds, “It is quite a good experience to learn digital marketing, especially from digital gurukul u all should definitely give it a try it can be a life-changing point for you all.”

We also had a face-to-face conversation with Ruqaiya, which you all would love to watch- 

Ruqaiya plans to work in a good organization after her course in Digital Gurukul and keep upgrading her field skills.

Well, Ruqaiya with your enthusiasm and skills we are 100% sure you will be placed in a great organization and Digital Gurukul has got your back for that. 


Finally, the buzz surrounding digital marketing is well-earned. It is a crucial tool for organizations in the current digital world because of its capacity to reach a large audience, offer insightful data and analytics, and adapt to new technology. The value of digital marketing will only increase as the world becomes more digital.

To upgrade your skills or any guidance you need regarding Digital Marketing, Digital Gurukul is your one-stop solution. You can also take a demo session with one of the most skilled Digital Marketing faculty Dr. Raj Padhiyar

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