Top 8 Music Blockchain Projects of 2022

21 Sep 2022

Top 8 Music Blockchain Projects of 2022

Top 8 Music Blockchain Projects of 2022

In the previous few years, blockchain and cryptocurrency have become 2 of the most popular technologies to observe. Between new crypto coins launching weekly and new blockchain-based applications stoning up daily, it’s onerous to stay track of the foremost exciting developments in this area.


In this article, we will be sharing the Top music blockchain projects you can try in 2022- 

What is Music Blockchain?

Blockchain-based streaming platforms allow for the transparent and secure peer-to-peer transfer of music and music-related purchases. They connect artists and fans directly without the interference of intermediaries, thereby greatly solving the payments issue getting up to 90% of the streaming revenues.

How is blockchain dynamic in the music industry?

Blockchain and sensible contracts might revolutionize and fundamentally modify the music business by removing third-party middlemen from music sales and centralized music streaming platforms and placing the facility and management back in the creators’ hands from an economic and artistic perspective.

1- Audius
Top 8 Music Blockchain Projects of 2022

The Audius project could be a decentralized music platform that permits musicians to share their music and directly connect with their fans. The Audius network is going to be designed on the prime of Ethereum, permitting artists to transfer songs and now begin receiving payment for them. It’s an improved method for artists to control their content over existing platforms like Spotify or Apple Music.

There are two types of Audius tokens which are USNBT (a stablecoin) and UPPER (the native token). Additionally, Audius uses blockchain to make sure that artists get paid fairly and straight away via good contracts.

Top 8 Music Blockchain Projects of 2022

Sound is creating a platform for a more collaborative music movement, built on web3 technology and values.

On Sound, users support the artists they love directly and stake their claim on being there before everyone else.

Sound. XYZ provides a chance for artists to show off a brand new piece within the variety of a series of edition NFTs of the songs. All of them are marked with a singular range in order that loyal listeners will offer support from the primary day.

3- Viberate
Top 8 Music Blockchain Projects of 2022

Viberate’s curated profiles that highlights an artist’s future shows, social media engagement, and music videos. Viberate uses blockchain to manage various crowdsourced knowledge points, with the period of time rankings and profiles. It rewards community participants with VIB tokens, that the corporate views as a go-to digital currency within the music business.

4- Choon- Block Social 
Top 8 Music Blockchain Projects of 2022

Choon is a streaming service that allows artists to immediately earn cryptocurrency for every stream of their tracks. Listeners are rewarded for creating their own playlists.

The biggest advantage of the Choon platform for artists is that it permits them to have 100% of the profits, in contrast to alternative platforms wherever they solely get paid in advertising revenue and not actual royalties (when somebody listens to their songs).

Additionally, Choon has its cryptocurrency referred to as NOTES which might be acquired by artists through varied ways like mining and staking them on the network.

5- Open Music Initiative (OMI)
Top 8 Music Blockchain Projects of 2022

OMI is a non-profit initiative of leading academic institutions, music and media industry organizations, creators, technologists, entrepreneurs, and policy experts who love and value music.

OMI is creating an open-source protocol for the uniform identification of music rights holders and creators.

OMI is not building a database or a specific product. the outcome of omi will be api specifications to enable industry platform interoperability.

6- eMusic
Top 8 Music Blockchain Projects of 2022

eMusic – a blockchain-based music distribution and royalty management platform that rewards each artist and fan. The company’s redistributed music platform options instant royalty payouts, rights management and pursuit information, fan-to-artist crowdfunding, and back-catalog substantiation for copyright holders. eMusic conjointly rewards fans by giving exclusive creator content, promotional incentives, and cheaper costs relative to different streaming sites.

7- Blockpool
Top 8 Music Blockchain Projects of 2022

Blockpool – a blockchain firm that makes custom code, offers consulting services, and helps integrate ledger technology into a business’ current systems. additionally, to add alternative industries, Blockpool creates digital tokens, formulates good music contracts, and tracks licensing and material possession rights for the music trade. the corporate help musicians implement blockchain throughout the total production, distribution, and management method.

8- Gala Music 
Top 8 Music Blockchain Projects of 2022

A Music Node, in the most basic sense, is like your own jukebox that the whole world can access. By hosting music on your Node, you can earn whenever someone plays that specific song. Nodes come in two types: Player Nodes and Fan Nodes. 

The music nodes are traded in currency GALA + ETH gas fees. Users of the service will become a streaming service by turning into a Gala Music Node. Node house owners are needed to host NFT music on their node, which is purchased through the marketplace. Then, the node owner will earn from the streams whenever somebody plays that specific song within the node.

Multiple projects are attempting to revolutionize the music industry that has been dominated by a small handful of players for so long. Putting music on the blockchain puts the rights into the hands of the artists and provides a technique for additional customized interaction between artists and fans.

In our opinion, these 8 are the best Music Blockchain projects you can use and invest in 2022. Earn while you enjoy!!

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