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27 Sep 2021

5 Important keys to Ace Youtube Content Creation

Is there an easy method for Youtube content creation? Let’s see in this blog.

Youtube is the world’s most famous video-sharing platform. It is the second biggest search engine after Google and the second most visited site on the internet. With a giant user base of around 2 billion people across the world, youtube is ruling the category of video sharing platform. 

After Reliance Jio democratizes the internet in India, the viewership and userbase of youtube have risen to new heights. This huge number and easy access attract many people to create content for youtube as they can easily monetize and earn money from their valuable content.

Youtube is a platform that allows you to share your insights & knowledge that creates and delivers value to general people and viewers, and if your content is good enough and has a substantial viewership then you can earn money from it.

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Some interesting facts about Youtube

-In 2006, Google purchased Youtube for a staggering amount of  $1.65 billion.

-The first video uploaded on youtube was an 18-second video title  “Me at the zoo” by its co-founder Jawed Karim. 

– It has over 2 billion monthly active users as of today. (This vast userbase attracts marketers to pay attention to youtube content creation)

-Youtube earned revenue of $19.8 billion in the year 2020-21 which was a steep increase from the previous year.

-India has the highest number of users on youtube which is estimated at around 225 million people.

– 42.9% of internet users use Youtube every month.

-According to Statista, users watch 1 billion hours of content daily in the world.

-16 minutes 44 seconds is the average time users spent per day on youtube.

These are some of the amazing and interesting facts about Youtube that capture everyone’s attention. 

If you are skilled in any niche then you can teach or share your valuable insights with people in video format and upload them on youtube. Youtube has created many multimillionaire celebrities on its platform who are influencing and educating many people with their unique content. Since the video blogging culture is increasing around the globe many people are becoming content creators on Youtube known as ‘Youtubers’ and they are earning pretty income from the platform.

In this blog, we will share with you the tips that you must remember before Youtube content creation that will turn you into a popular personality.

Here is a list of 5 Keys to ace Youtube content creation

1. Find a Specific Niche

Before starting the process of Youtube content creation, the first thing you should think about is what type of content you will create, what will be your niche? This is the most important task because making videos for fewer people or for a particular segment of the audience will get you more views on your videos.

When you create videos for something that you are excited and passionate about then it will be very easy for you to make great & high-quality videos. You can build genuine connections with people who have shared interests and therefore are more attracted to watch your videos and consume the content you are creating.

Videos that are dedicated to a particular niche have more organic reach than generic content on Youtube as they are catering to people’s specific needs. You must make a niche strategy before starting a youtube channel. You can choose a niche based on your interest, hobby, or skill in which you are comfortable and good. Finding a niche is the first thing for a youtube content creation strategy.

2. Learn some Editing Skills

Learning a little amount of audio and video editing skills is not a big deal as a Youtuber. To make a video better you should have a little knowledge about audio and video editing as the raw video you shoot from the camera is not as good and desirable.

Many people will judge you and make a perception about you on the quality of your videos, therefore, creating a positive impression on your viewers is necessary. After creating a video you can add some background music to make it more appealing and attractive.

You have to be good at designing thumbnails because many people click on videos by watching a thumbnail of your video, thumbnail act as a small advertisement for your video and therefore it should be clear and catchy. It is a must-have skill for youtube content creation.

Video editing skill is also necessary because you have to record a video in several takes, you cannot record a long video in one take and therefore you have to shoot a video in small clips and then later combining all that small clips to create a proper video.

3. Proper Keyword Research

Many of you think that keyword research is only limited to blog writing but this is not true, you can find keywords before creating Youtube videos. It is the most fundamental task before starting youtube content creation.

Finding and using the right keywords in your videos is very necessary because it increases your reach for that particular keyword. Youtube algorithm scans your video through the keyword and it shows your videos to people searching for that particular keyword or a related keyword, this is a win-win situation for both creator and viewer. 

You can do Keyword Research with Google Trends. Visit its website, and search the keyword on which you are going to create your next video, it will show you the metrics and data of the number of people searching about that topic, which region of the world is searching more about that topic or subject, and many other important data. After getting results select youtube search instead of web search and you will get the data for the strategy of youtube content creation.

4. Use Proper Equipment

The use of proper equipment is a very important factor that decides the quality of your content. You must have a mic, camera, lights, tripods, and other equipment to create a good-quality video that makes your video more remarkable. 

Use an external mic for recording audio because if your audio isn’t clear then your viewer cannot hear your message properly or might lose it. You can even learn to use the mic properly by watching small tutorial videos on youtube itself.

Use a good-quality camera for recording video, many YouTubers use DSLR and mirrorless cameras for recording videos as they produce high-quality videos. You should use a proper lighting system for your vlog otherwise your video will not look good and your audience might lose interest in your video.

 If you are a beginner then you can use a smartphone to create a video but if you want a high-quality and professional video then you have to invest some money in equipment.  Using proper equipment is very necessary for youtube content creation.

5. Optimize your videos for SEO

If you want to increase viewership on your youtube videos then you have to optimize your videos according to the search engine optimization of Youtube. It will help you in bringing organic traffic and viewers to your videos. Optimization plays a vital role in your youtube content creation strategy.

Before uploading a video on Youtube make sure that you are using a proper title and relevant description in your videos. Don’t forget to use the main keyword and focus keyphrase. You can also use tags in your videos to increase your organic reach, these tags are very important as they put your videos in a similar category related to the content of your video. All these activities will help you in increasing your ranking on search results of youtube and are critical for your youtube content creation strategy.

Youtube SEO is a digital skill necessary for your youtube content creation strategy and if you have time then you can learn this skill for your youtube channel but if you don’t have time to learn it then you can outsource it to someone who is an expert in Youtube SEO.


I hope you get the relevant information about the ways to increase the quality of your content for Youtube, now you are more clear about creating content for youtube so you can start it from now because there are many things that you will learn by doing it practically so go ahead & Good luck. If you want to learn about Youtube content creation in detail then you can join our free demo class on Digital marketing.

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