26 Jan 2021

5 reasons: Why Digital Gurukul Franchise is the Best Edtech Franchise in India

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to be a part of Asia’s top class Digital Marketing Institute!

With Digital Gurukul Franchise, become your own boss & take the first step for your journey to reach your dream destination.

Here are 5 reasons, why Digital Gurukul Franchise is the Best Edtech Franchise In India for 2021 –

  1. Tight on budget? Not an issue. We probably have the best deal for you! With a low cost being incurred, we bring you the Highest ROI Franchise option in India! Start now and SEAL the DEAL!
  2. If we’re holding your hand, we’re never gonna leave. And that’s a promise! 🤝 We at Digital Gurukul, offer you life-time validity & life long support and uncountable benefits for you, with all that we’ve got!
  3. Don’t have the space or resources for setting up an office? Absolutely fine, we don’t even require it!
    A boss is a boss, in an office or outside the office. Office is not the necessity here, interest is.
  4. Worried about the age limit?
    Oh well, Age is just a number! And we don’t believe in myths like this. We believe in you, irrespective of your age and prior experience. Everybody’s welcomed in this family. 🙂
  5. We believe in growing together and therefore provide you with 360 degree Branding/ Marketing/ Sales support ALWAYS, in All Ways!
    We’re there by your side to take you through every cloud of darkness and make you shine!

Here’s a brief intro about Digital Gurukul

Digital Gurukul is Asia’s leading Edtech Company from India. Founded in 2014 by Dr. Raj Padhiyar, Digital Gurukul has trained over 22500+ students and impacted more than half a half individuals globally, within a short span of 6 years.

Digital Gurukul provides online Diploma & Certificate programs in the areas of Digital Marketing & 20+ related domains to college students, working professionals, and enterprises. These programs are designed and delivered by Asia’s leading Digital experts with the most innovative delivery approach.

With an outcome-based learning approach, industry-relevant curriculum, strong mentorship, and guaranteed Internship & placement support, Digital Gurukul has established its position as a leader in the Indian education system.

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