22 Jan 2021


Masterclass with : Mr. Gaurav Shitak!

Over 700 people from different walks of life took part in our Masterclass on the topic – ‘Is digital really easy?’ to gain knowledge about the Digital World from our expert : Mr. Gaurav Shitak, Head Of Digital Marketing @Sharekhan.
He has also been featured in 100 smartest Digital Marketing leaders, has 14+ years of experience in diversifying fields where he has previously worked with these big fat names like : Oberoi hotels, future group, JP cement, Croma (by TATA) L, Agron life insurance.

During the session, many attendees sent in their queries and key challenges when it comes to entering the digital world.
We all know ABCD of English, but we learnt ABCD of Digital Marketing with Mr. Gaurav!

Mr. Gaurav focused on 2 key areas during the session:

  1. Digital Dynamics
  2. ABCD of Digital Marketing

Mr. Gaurav explained how these 5 factors play an influential role in Digital dynamics :

  1. Speed : Most critical factor. Best example is how rapidly content goes viral over different platforms, like wildfire.
  2. Adaptability : Earlier, everybody did their specific jobs in particular. In today’s wavering world – there comes various other stuff with a job role. It’s no more limited to your cocoon if comfort. A sales guy has to be more digital oriented than influential, today.
  3. Adjacency : Customer and seller used to be too far in their own separate zones in old times, since there were Indirect channels.
    Now, Business are close to end Customers and closer to the competitors.
  4. Scale – Large-scale/ smal scale?
    The right product in the market requires very big scale and gets the highest market share. It’s therefore an important aspect when talking about Dynamics.
  5. Precision – It’s one of the crucial favtors, and tremendously interesting from Marketing perspective.
    Today, there’s one to one mapping , customised banners, etc.
    Understand your tg well and show ads according to that niche. Personalised texts bring in a sense of belongingness can do wonders you haven’t thought of!


A – A G I L E

• Be superfast
• Always remember, ‘theres perfection in imperfection.’
• Look for workable solution and then work towards perfection.
• Make 2 plans. A and B. And be fast enough to switch plans and execute them.
• Be open to opportunities, everytime.
• Be Agile – start today, learn , move forward!

B – B E B R A V E

enough to try, or else you’ll never know what you can do.
Here’s why :

  • marketing isn’t about getting buyers picture to your narrative
    It’s rather about getting them to experience it.
  • Marketing is now deeply entwined with software.
  • There are comparatively less intermediaries in Digital world like , web services, client software- customer.
  • Big testing is more imp than big data: Be aware of HiPPO – Highest paid personal opinion.How? Do testing. Exploring big data helps generate new hypothesis to test
  • Accept the criticism :
    Be happy than disheartened while getting criticised. Take it as feedback and make improvements, if needed. 🙌

C – C O L L B O R A T I O N S

First learning happens when you start sharing your learning with team, collegues, friends etc.

Collaborate with people who are talented in their area of expertise, All processes in Digital world are integrated. Technology changes exponentially, organisationss change logarithmically.

D – D A T A A N A L Y S I S

Be data driven, you ou get real time feedbacks.There’s no failure, only deffered success. Whether it’s a brand campaign or a video/ graphic, everything can be measured through data analytics.
It’s the need of the hour. feedbacks.
He concluded the topic by introducing us to E :

E – E A S Y
If you follow ABCD, Digital becomes very Easy.

Here’s what Mr. Gaurav responded to questions asked by our attendees during the session :

Qs 1 : What are the specific campaigns launched by your organization during Covid-19?
Ans 1 : Virus story – good feedback
Launched covid package.

Qs 2 : How’s the life of a Digital Marketer in big organisations?
Ans 2 :
1) It’s all about singing technical jargons, managing demand and cost, and creating customer value!
2) You’ve to make sure you build your organization digital ready by trying new stuff irrespective of the industry you join!
3)Take all criticism as stepping stones for future improvement!

Mr. Gaurav concluded the session by leaving a piece of advise for our students :

“World is gonna change, shift has come, digital is the new world, with enormous demand.

It’s a great opportunity for people in every spectrum.
Start from building blocks. Get into a motion of action. START. Any skill can be learned in 20 hours. Pick a skill, learn it, move forward!”

At the end, he recommended three crucial books to START with, which are as follows :

  1. Hacking Marketing
  2. Tuesday with Morris
  3. Outliers.

Overall, it was quite an amazingly interactive session and a discerning experience!
Tune in with us for our next Masterclass and be all ears while we come up with our yet another expert!

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