6 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in the USA

23 Dec 2022

6 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in the USA

6 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in the USA

Looking for Best Digital Marketing Institutes in the USA? Well, Digital Gurukul has sorted that out for you again!

There are numerous Digital Marketing programs in the USA that are open to international students, many of which are well-known on a global scale. Digital Marketing has created a good amount of job prospects with the ongoing rise in internet users around the world. Through the blog below, we can assist you in learning even the smallest aspects concerning digital marketing in the USA.

6 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in the USA

1. Digital Gurukul: Digital Marketing Institutes in the USA
<strong>6 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in the USA</strong>

Digital Gurukul was established 7 years ago with a Digital Marketing program by Dr. Raj Padhiyar. Digital Gurukul offers an Alt MBA Program, a Master in Digital Marketing, a Diploma in Digital Marketing, and various certificate courses in 50+ modules of Digital Marketing across Asia. Digital marketing modules in Digital Gurukul has constantly evolved with time and the need of the corporates. 

They even allow you to book a free demo class on “career & Entrepreneurship in Digital Marketing” by the founder – Dr. Raj Padhiyar Live. 

Digital Gurukul has been Awarded “Asia’s Best Digital Marketing Institute” and 15+ other awards  The Institute is also Accredited by IAMAI. 

Digital Gurukul has the best available faculties and guest lecturers. They focus on practical knowledge and experience more than theoretical knowledge. 

Digital Gurukul prepares one thoroughly for the competitive world outside and guarantees Internship and placement. 

They offer 365 days and a 24*7 helpline to clear your doubts and queries which is very rare to find. 

Digital Gurukul offers both Online and Offline courses. The online course enables their students to study wherever they are and also provides recorded videos of the sessions just in case you miss any classes you can just watch it and not feel left out in the next session. The fees of Digital Gurukul vary from course to course. But has an excellent Return On Investment. 

Why Digital Gurukul?

Courses offered– 

  •     Diploma in Digital Marketing
  •     Master’s in Digital Marketing
  •     Alt MBA
  •     Certificate Courses

Digital marketing course fees – NA

Location – Online

Contact- Phone- 9584831230/9022888883

Email- info@digitalgurukul.in 

<strong>6 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in the USA</strong>
2- Henry Harvin: Digital Marketing Institutes in the USA
<strong>6 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in the USA</strong>

With locations in 11+ cities across the USA, India, and the UAE with a strong team of 400+ workers and 650+ consultants, Henry Harvin has been in operation since July 2013. Henry Harvin is a registered training institute for more than 210+ corporates out of 900+ corporate clients and 130+ universities worldwide. With a portfolio of 400+ upskilling and reskilling training programs across 27+ categories, Henry Harvin® has trained more than 3,00,000 people.

Courses offered- 

  • Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Advanced PPC Course
  • Advanced SEO Course
  • Advanced Social Media Marketing Course
  • Google Analytics Course
  • Advanced Email Marketing Course

Location- 34736 Tuxedo Cmns Fremont, CA 94555, United States

Contact- Phone- +1 (253) 785-8210

3- University of Pennsylvania: Digital Marketing Institutes in the USA
6 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in the USA

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is home to the private Ivy League university The University of Pennsylvania. Penn has four American bachelor’s degrees in digital marketing. The university also provides a unique specialization in brand management that addresses brand dynamics, development, and best practices online. Students will study social media strategy, privacy laws, and how to create brands online.

Courses offered-

  • BS in Marketing Management

Location- Philadelphia, PA 19104, United States

Contact- Phone- +1 215-898-5000

4- The University of California: Digital Marketing Institutes in the USA
6 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in the USA

The UCI Division of Continuing Education provides students from all around the world with educational, professional, and cultural experiences that enrich their lives. They are committed to serving the global student community by offering highly regarded, cutting-edge, and useful learning opportunities that support achievement in both personal and professional endeavors at every stage of life.

The certificate program in digital marketing and communications offers training for positions in the marketing, communications, and merchandising management industries.

Courses offered- 

  • ACP Digital Marketing and communication
  • Marketing Research & Strategy Planning
  • Dynamic Product Management 
  • Integrated Marketing Communications

Location- 900 University Ave, Riverside, CA 92521, USA

Contact- Phone- (800) 207-1710 (within the U.S.)

                           (925) 298-6856 (outside the U.S.)

5- University of Southern California: Digital Marketing Institutes in the USA
6 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in the USA

A Master of Science in Marketing program with a focus on digital marketing is offered by USC’s Marshall School of Business. The topics covered in the classes include online analytics, social media campaign management, conversion optimization, search engine optimization (SEO), and digital advertising management. In addition to the courses offered at USC’s main campus in Los Angeles at the Marshall School of Business, online degrees are also accessible for marketers who prefer distant learning.

Courses offered- 

  • MS in Digital Social Media

Location- Los Angeles, CA 90007, United States

Contact- Phone- +1 213-740-2311

6- Simplilearn: Digital Marketing Institutes in the USA
6 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in the USA

In fields where innovations and best practices are changing swiftly and demand for competent workers fundamentally outweigh flexibility, Simplilearn offers online training in subjects like Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Project Management, Digital Marketing, and Data Science, among others. They have assisted over one million professionals and businesses from over 150 different countries in getting ready, obtaining certifications, and upskilling their staff. They are based in the USA and India. 2000+ renowned industry experts have planned and updated their training programs.

Courses offered- 

  • Digital Marketing Post Graduate Program
  • Digital Marketing Master’s Program
  • Digital Marketing Certification Program

Location- 201 Spear Street, Suite 1100, San Francisco, CA 94105 United States

Contact- Phone- +1-844-532-7688


Is there MBA in digital marketing?

A two-year specialized program called the MBA in Digital Marketing teaches students about online product branding and marketing on both a local and international level using digital platforms. The Alt MBA program offered by Digital Gurukul is one of the most opted and unique programs offered in the field of Digital Marketing. 

Who is the No 1 digital marketer in India?

 Dr. Raj Padhiyar. Dr. Raj Padhiyar is (Founder – of Digital Gurukul – Awarded Asia’s Best Digital Marketing Institute & 12+ Awards), (Founder – SocialLaddoo – Central India’s leading Digital Marketing Agency), (Founder – Of emvive – India’s Leading AI based E-Commerce Consultancy agency). (Founder – DG24 – India’s leading News media) & Mentor for 50+ organizations across Asia. With 15+ National & International awards.

Which institute is best for digital marketing in 2023?

The above list of institutes is one of the best Institutes searched according to their modules, duration of the course, and fee structure for you in Vijayawada. A lot of them are online courses as well. But as per the reviews Digital Gurukul is heading among the top Digital Marketing Institutes in the world. 


Digital professionals have a huge amount of options across all businesses and roles.

As digitization continues to advance quickly, companies everywhere are looking for qualified workers who can close organizational skills gaps and support key business goals like lead generation, revenue growth, and brand awareness.

In your process of selection, Digital Gurukul has solved the first step of listing out the Best Digital Marketing Institutes in the USA. 

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