Top 5 FREE Startup name generator websites

30 Jan 2023

Top 5 FREE Startup name generator websites

A startup name generator is a website or tool that generates potential names for startups. These generators use algorithms or prompts to create a list of potential names based on the specific needs and preferences of the user.

Top 5 FREE Startup name generator websites

Digital Gurukul has been sharing a lot of information related to Startups like the best books you can read, startup news websites, and startup job portals along with much more other information which will surely help new entrepreneurs in launching a successful startup.

Digital Gurukul has decided to share a few apps that will help you decide on a good name for your startup. After all, it is all in the name! And the best part is these apps are free!!

Here are a few examples of startup name generators:

1- Brandroot
Top 5 FREE Startup name generator websites

Brandroot is a startup name generator that allows users to search for names by industry, style, and keyword. The platform also offers a range of branding services, including logo design and domain registration.

Brandroot specializes in selling memorable and one-of-a-kind domain names to both individuals and companies. They provide a large number of domain names that can be used for websites, email accounts, and other internet properties.

Along with a number of other relevant services, the organization also offers help with setting up and managing domain names.


2- NameMesh
Top 5 FREE Startup name generator websites

Using a user-inputted keyword or phrase, the domain name recommendation tool NameMesh creates a list of potential domain names. It generates a list of suggestions using a variety of algorithms and strategies that are pertinent, memorable, and easy to recall. 

Additionally, the tool offers options to compare various name choices side by side with the ability to filter suggestions by category, extension, and availability. Anyone wishing to launch a new website, blog, or company, or for a distinctive domain name for their own usage, will find it to be a helpful tool.


3- NameSnack
Top 5 FREE Startup name generator websites

NameSnack is a startup name generator and domain name recommendation tool that aids users in coming up with the ideal name for their organization, product, or service. 

Based on a user-specified term or phrase, it blends machine learning and natural language processing techniques to produce a wide range of name ideas. The ideas can also be filtered by industry, name type, and length. 

Users can also check whether the suggested names are available on different top-level domains. NameSnack is a comprehensive tool for anyone wishing to establish a new brand or company because it also includes extra elements like tagline recommendations and logo design.


4- NameSmith
Top 5 FREE Startup name generator websites

NameSmith is a tool that suggests domain names and is a startup name generator. Providing a list of ideas based on the keywords or phrases given by the user assists users in finding the ideal name for their company, product, or service. 

The application generates a wide range of pertinent, catchy, and memorable name suggestions using a sophisticated algorithm that blends machine learning and natural language processing. Additionally, users can check whether proposed names are available as domain names and filter ideas by length, style, and industry.

 NameSmith offers a complete solution for anyone looking to launch a new company or brand with its additional features, which include logo design, slogan development, and branding services.


5- Shopify Business Name Generator
Top 5 FREE Startup name generator websites

A free application called the Shopify Startup Name Generator aids customers in coming up with a list of possible names for their company or online store. Shopify, an e-commerce platform that enables customers to build and run their own online stores, is the provider of the tool. 

Based on the user-entered keywords or phrases, the company name generator employs a variety of algorithms and methodologies to produce a list of possibilities. Users can also check whether the proposed names are available as domain names and filter ideas by style and industry. 

Anyone planning to launch an online store who needs ideas for a distinctive and catchy name can utilize the Shopify Business Name Generator.



These are just a few examples of startup name generators available online. It’s worth researching to find the generator that best fits your needs and preferences.

Free startup name generators can be useful and helpful when trying to come up with a good name for your company. They offer a quick and straightforward method for coming up with a list of prospective names based on keywords or phrases that are pertinent to your company.

For individuals who are short on time or lack inspiration while coming up with name ideas, these generators can be extremely beneficial. It’s important to keep in mind that these generators frequently offer a wide range of ideas, and it’s only sometimes certain that the names would be appropriate for use as a domain name or as a business name.

It’s critical to confirm the availability of the names you want, make sure they are not currently being used by another company in your community, and make sure they do not conflict with any registered trademarks. 

The cultural or linguistic quirks that can have an impact on the success of your company name may also not be taken into account by these generators. As a result, it is always advised to verify again and get advice from a specialist before deciding on a business name.

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