Digital Gurukul and career-boosting stories of a new batch- #1 Ashish Malviya

04 Aug 2022

Digital Gurukul and career-boosting stories of a new batch- #1 Ashish Malviya

An Institution holds various different stories from the vast number of students they have with them and these new stories keep on adding with the new batches. As Digital Gurukul started its new Batch in June for the Master’s Diploma in Digital Marketing one of the Digital Marketing programs offered by Digital Gurukul includes a vast syllabus of Digital Marketing along with hands-on experience on the best Digital tools.

Dr. Raj Padhiyar and Digital Gurukul have shared n number of success stories of their students but today again we feel like sharing these little stories of our versatile students with you all. In this article and a few articles after that, you will read such small stories of your students.

They come from different cities and backgrounds and study together and share their knowledge and create a bond.

Ashish Malviya a B.Com Graduate

28 years old Ashish was born and brought up in Katni (M.P)  and has done his schooling at West central railway school in Katni. “after my schooling, I wanted to do my personalized business and now I own a hotel known as Spring In.” 

Ashish had completed his from Katni and later he realized that he lacked digital skills for the growth of his business. Ashish Says, “As I was pretty sure that, I want to do a business and due to the lack of some skills. I entered Digital marketing” 

Ashish wanted to understand the core of Digital Marketing for his business so that it will help him and his business grow as we all know a lot of growth of a business after a pandemic depends on your Digital Marketing techniques. 

When asked Ashish how did he get to know about Digital Gurukul he says, “A few months ago I was quite confused to choose an institute for digital marketing and an institute, again and again, appeared that was Asia’s best digital marketing” he adds, “it was very frequent and I read the reviews in the digital world. The reviews made me sure to go for Digital Gurukul”

Digital Gurukul and career-boosting stories of a new batch- #1 Ashish Malviya

“After joining digital Gurukul, I got to know new things about the digital world and I have improved my business and my skills. I have learned knowledge about the digital field and I have groomed myself and archived good marks on my business also” Says Ashish.

Ashish felt glad he trusted the reviews online and opted for the Master’s Diploma in Digital Marketing from Digital Gurukul under the guidance of Dr. Raj Padhiyar. Ashish says, “As I read about Digital Gurukul and Dr. Raj sir it is exactly the same because the entire journey he was very supportive to his every student in their issues, he was connected to every student. He is the finest teacher I have ever learned from.” 

We hope Ashish your career and business grow till could nine and you know that you will always have the support of Dr. Raj Padhiyar. As we all know him it gives him utmost happiness when he sees his students grow and reach new heights.  

You can also watch the detailed video of Dr. Raj Padhiyar sir on YouTube, in which he has explained various segments of Digital Marketing and how you can make it beneficial for your growing job/startup/freelancing/business.

For more information regarding the Diploma, Alt MBA program, and certification courses of Digital Gurukul you can visit the website- You can also book a Demo class on “Career & Entrepreneurship in Digital Marketing” by our Founder – Dr. Raj Padhiyar LIVE.

Keeping yourself updated with the skills will only help your career to grow and it will make your resume look strong!!

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