Top 15 Content Writing Interview questions & answers (Updated 2022)

02 Aug 2022

Top 15 Content Writing Interview questions & answers (Updated 2022)

As in our previous posts, we discussed interview questions about Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Pay-Per-Click, and Graphic Designing, various fields included in Digital Marketing. Digital Gurukul decided to write interview questions and answers for one of the most demanding fields in Digital Marketing that is Content Writing. 

Top 15 Content Writing Interview questions & answers (Updated 2022)

Content Writing is just not a demanding field in the market but also a highly chosen field by students and even working professionals. This field is prone to changes and has been evolving very fast. Content writers are demanded in various fields like education, hospitals, pharmacy, technical, MNCs, entertainment, travel, and many more.  

If you are planning to appear in a content writing interview or going to take one as an HR, this is the blog you need to read. Following are the questions and answers that can be asked in a content writing interview- 

1- How will you identify your target audience as a content writer to achieve set goals?

Ans- The target audience plays a crucial role in each field therefore it’s necessary to spot them by understanding their preference, taste, and needs.

Along with that, I’ll review the information collected by the marketing and sales team, Associate in discussion with an analyst can even be helpful during this analysis. for instance, in most cases, you may not market adult diapers to individuals in their 20s. it’s vital that the soul be willing to dig deep to grasp the audience.

2- Mention the components of good web content.

Ans- The components of good web content are- 

1- Usefulness

2- Engagement

3- Marketing Objective

4- Credibility 

5- Call to action

6- Originality

It is essential that all the aspects of content should be taken care of. It should be useful for the reading. The content should be written in a way that creates some engagement with the readers along with achieving the marketing objective of the content written and the credibility of the content should be of utmost. 

Top 15 Content Writing Interview questions & answers (Updated 2022)

3- State the different types of Content writing.

Ans– Following are the different types of content writing- 

  • Website content
  • Copywriting
  • Digital marketing content
  • Blogging
  • Branding content
  • Technical content

4- How you are planning to keep yourself up to date with the vast changing need for Content writing?

Ans- I do understand the need of keeping myself up to date in this field there are a few ways to keep myself up to date like keep reading some books to keep up with my vocabulary, reading new blogs or articles, following the bloggers of the same field or if required pursuing a certification course on the same. 

Top 15 Content Writing Interview questions & answers (Updated 2022)

5- How would you make sure the quality of the content you may publish?

Ans- So, I might gather the information from real sources like journals, revealed researches, magazines, and books which may facilitate me to reach the goals and meet the expectations of the corporate.

6- Share your knowledge of the Content management system.

Ans- I feel, as a content author smart writing skills and the ability to square measure is dominant.

I am aware of content management systems like WordPress, and Joomla as I even have used these for varied content management activities. Already supported my expertise before, I realize these are extremely helpful for writing.

Top 15 Content Writing Interview questions & answers (Updated 2022)

7- Can you share the ways by which you can examine the performance of your content?

Ans- The definition of promising content differs from organization to organization. It varies relying upon the factors like target market promoting methods and objectives.

However, some ways in which we can do the analysis and decide the performance of online content are- 

1- Conversions

2- Search engine optimization

3- Engagement

4- Traffic

8- Mention some ways to decide on which topic you will write content on.

Ans- Well for a content writer it is very difficult to decide about the content and it is equally important too. 

Some of the ways I may use to make my decision on the selection of the topic are- 

  • Identifying the audience & their wants
  • Researching keywords and associate keywords
  • Analyzing conversations on social media
  • Analyzing conversations of competitors
  • Keeping track of blogs and articles from topic specialists, commentators, critics, etc.
  • Social listening
Top 15 Content Writing Interview questions & answers (Updated 2022)

9- How SEO will be helpful in your content writing?

Ans- Following are the ways in which SEO will be extremely helpful for me to write a successful article- 

Keyword density: Keywords facilitate search engines to decide what your content is all regarding. The keyword density ought to be maintained between two to five percent.

Meta Tags: Meta tags conjointly facilitate describing a page’s content however they’re not a part of the text. you’ll see them solely within the page’s code.

Body Tags: H1, H2, H3, and H4 tags are used to describe the importance of a heading inside the content.

Alt Tags: Alt-tags are used to describe the attributes of a picture used in the content.

URL Structure: Small URL structures alongside keywords & location, make the content URL address additional search friendly.

Internal/External linking: The standard of internal & external links conjointly includes a profound result on the performance of the website. Quality linking ends up in higher content engagement.

10- Share some ways of using Keywords in your content to have an impactful blog.

Ans- Keywords got to be effective in the writing. A content author must use the proper keywords at the proper place and within the right frequencies. So, I take care of all the keywords being used in my writing and follow this from the sample to use it in the right manner.

Apart from this, I additionally use the foremost well-liked tools for keyword analysis like Google AdWords and KWfinder.

Top 15 Content Writing Interview questions & answers (Updated 2022)

11- State one difference between content writing and copywriting.

Ans- Content writing is writing that’s published in a general manner and utterly unbias. They are doing in a roundabout way promote the business or product of the firm however offer complete data.

A copy is totally different than this and directly associated with promoting thought and promoting the business and products in the best manner. So, content and copywriting both are vital for meeting the expectations of business and creating long-lived impacts.

12- What is the difference between an article and a blog?

Ans- The language and tone of an article are continuously formal and not personal. it’s is for providing data and giving news. Blog, on the opposite hand, is informal and private. A lot of people use blogs to specific their opinions, expertise, and information.

Top 15 Content Writing Interview questions & answers (Updated 2022)

13- Mention different types of writings.

Ans- Different types of writing includes- 

  • Narrative style writing
  • Persuasive style writing
  • Descriptive style writing
  • Expository style writing

14- How will the content be created SEO friendly?

Ans-  Search Engine optimization may be a vital technique of content writing to rank the content the highest. Here are certain ways to make it SEO friendly- 

  • Plagiarism ought to be 0 or below 10 percent
  • No grammatical errors or other mistakes.
  • External and internal links should be added for engagement and increasing internet traffic.
  • The right use of keywords and key phrases with the assistance of analysis tools.
  • Content should cater to the requirements of the reader.
Top 15 Content Writing Interview questions & answers (Updated 2022)

15- How will you promote published content?

Ans- Here are a few ways to promote my published content- 

  • Sharing the blog/article through social media
  • Asking your co-workers to share the blogs/articles
  • Reaching some influencers & business colleagues for his or her opinion on the content

It is very important to have hands-on experience with all the tools you will be using while writing content so that your answers should sound casual rather than something you just learned to answer. The more natural your answers are the better will be your chances for selection. And remember they do not expect you to answer all the questions asked in an interview but whatever you answer should be correct.

If you are planning to pursue some certification in Content writing we got that sorted too. Digital Gurukul offers the best certification courses- Click Here to know the details of the course.

We wish you all the best for Dr. Raj Padhiyar and team Digital Gurukul.

Top 15 Content Writing Interview questions & answers (Updated 2022)

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