Story of introvert Punjabi student who scored 100/100 in SEO- Bishanpal Singh Arora

29 May 2022

Story of introvert Punjabi student who scored 100/100 in SEO- Bishanpal Singh Arora

Story of introvert punjabi student who scored 100/100 in SEO- Bishanpal Singh Arora
Story of introvert Punjabi student who scored 100/100 in SEO- Bishanpal Singh Arora 3

With hard work and efforts, you can achieve anything.

– Antoine Griezmann

Story of introvert Punjabi student who scored 100/100 in SEO- Bishanpal Singh Arora, Well, It is easy for you to understand from the title that today you are going to know a motivating and feel-good story of a small-town boy, well the town is not so small also!!

Bishanpal Singh Arora is a Punjabi Munda from Indore, Like we all know Punjabis are really good by heart and enjoy whatever they do wherever they are. 

So this happy-go-lucky down-to-earth boy started his journey at online classes of Digital Gurukul, Indore under the guidance of Dr. Raj Padhiyar sir who is known for his unending knowledge about Digital Marketing and all the Digital platforms. Bishanpal joined the class like every other student but he was very enthusiastic and keen on learning things. Bishanpal never hesitated to ask any questions during or after the class. Well, maybe as a result of this enthusiasm for what he was learning he got an internship even before he could complete his course. 

Like every other person in India Bishanpal also decided to do MBA after his graduation, having the same mindset of getting a stable job but like every other private company, his job was also not paying enough for his hard work. “I was fed up with working in the field and I was in the sales department in IndusInd Bank, My job demanded travel of at least 30/40 km every day, which was not my cup of tea,” Bishanpal says. 

It was the time when struggling every day he realized the changing demand in the Indian sector. 

“Then I found Digital Marketing very interesting and beneficial, I saw and searched the growth the digital industry had in a very small span of time and that was the time I decided to take a new course of life,” 

He adds, “I did my research regarding the courses and the institutes for Digital Marketing and I came to know about Digital Gurukul through Social Media then I instantly decided to join there to learn Digital Marketing Skills. And I am totally satisfied with the Digital Skills that Digital Gurukul me and now I will also say that Digital Gurukul is Asia’s best Digital Institute.”

Changing a whole course of life can be a very difficult decision in life it comes with a lot of ifs and buts, Bishanpal has invested a really long time of his career in a different sector, and now coming to a whole new field might come as a challenge for anyone, Bishanpal says,

“I am an introvert person but jovial in nature as someone is talking about the topic in which I am interested then I join the conversation. And I love to play Volleyball and most important I am a very spiritual person, I thought my nature will help me in this field, my interest in conversations and knowing more about things will definitely be an add on for me in this field.” 

Bishanpal is so much interested in SEO he likes to dig a lot regarding the same and how he can sharpen his skills in SEO, “ One of the best things about SEO is we can track how we are doing. We are able to see exactly how much our efforts are impacting our website. I think my experience with Raj Sir was very amazing. He is the best faculty I have ever seen. The way Sir taught us with all the practical examples has made our learning very easy and understandable. Raj sir was a huge reason for me to decide what area I would like the most in Digital Marketing”

Recently a very rare achievement was done by Bishanpan, He scored 100/100 in Rank Math which is quite difficult for a newbie in this field, we were really curious to know how he reached that benchmark, “I just rectified all the errors which were coming there and yes I watched the Raj Sir SEO video couple of times. It was not possible to achieve it without Raj Sir’s knowledge which he taught us.” 

Certainly, It made me really curious about what Dr. Raj Padhiyar sir has to say about this, 

Well a brief about Dr. Raj Padhiyar, He is the founder and CEO of Digital Gurukul, Indore.

He himself had an experience of working in a high profile job in Yes Bank. Digital Gurukul is India’s leading Digital marketing institute and received 15+ awards including Asia’s best Digital Marketing Institute by Soha Ali Khan. 

When asked Raj Sir about the success of Bishanpal he says, “ that was REAL SURPRISE!

Scoring 100/100 in any topic gives you a sense of HUGE achievement! Isn’t it?

But I didn’t expect it from Bishan as he was a very shy, reserved student in the class & now he has become 1st student in Digital Gurukul’s history to score 100/100 on the SEO Page score, He adds, Now with 100/100 score –

Expectation from Bishan is now significant & now I would be personally mentoring him to grow further in the digital industry & break more records.”

What else does a student want except a mentor who stands right next to them in every success and failure as well, Raj sir is known to hold their students in every level of their lives. 

“now I have done Master Diploma in Digital Marketing and it was the best decision of my life as it has changed my life and career paths totally.

I really wanted to Thank Digital Gurukul and Raj Padhiyar Sir.” says Bishanpal.

Well, I totally agree with Bishanpal this Digital Marketing can take you to the heights and you the most exposure. You are updated with what is going on in and around the world. 

Do you feel like knowing more about this digital course??? 

Well, I will make it easy for you just click on – Digital Gurukul

With this, I would like to tell you- Digital Raho, mast raho!!! 

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