Student Tale- 5 Tanmay who moved from Pune to pursue his Digital Marketing at Digital Gurukul

28 Mar 2023

Student Tale- 5 Tanmay who moved from Pune to pursue his Digital Marketing at Digital Gurukul

In our previous blogs we have shared the story of various students like Ruqaiya, Mohit, Riya, and Lakshya and now today we will share the story of Tanmay who moved from Pune to Indore just to pursue his career in Digital Marketing from Digital Gurukul.

Tanmay Raghuwanshi

Tanmay Raghuwanshi was born in Mhow and now stays in Mr. Ambedkar Nagar near Indore and brought up in many places as my father is in defense so we used to get posted every 3 years to a new place. 

Student Tale- 5 Tanmay who moved from Pune to pursue his Digital Marketing at Digital Gurukul

Being a defense kid Tanmay has been to many places in India but currently, his education brought him back to near his birthplace Mhow. Tanmay has done Most of his education has been done in Pune itself. He graduated from Sinhgad college of commerce Khondwa, Tanmay post-graduated in marketing from MIT Kothrud currently, and he is pursuing his Alt MBA in Digital Marketing from Digital Gurukul Indore

When we asked Tanmay to tell us something about himself he says, “I like to think of myself as an Ambivert person. Initially, I was an Introvert but traveling to places every 3 years has made me an extrovert as well. I represented my city in State level basketball tournament. Now I am an avid snooker player And also a certified national Referee in Snooker. About my family, I have an elder sister and an elder brother both are working professionals.”

Tanmay is a versatile experience holder in his work life as well he has done work in various places in search of a perfect field for him. To this, he adds, “Currently I am unemployed but previously I have worked in companies but for a short amount of time, I was placed in LIDO Learning from Campus, Then I joined Airtel or a couple of months, After that, I worked as an affiliate marketer in Medicare technologies LLP For 5 months.”

If you want to know what made Tanmay switch his career to Digital Marketing and how even after staying in Pune he choose Digital Gurukul? here is an open conversion with Tanmay on his journey till Digital Gurukul-

When we asked Tanmay to Share one thing he feel about the upcoming Digital Marketing trends he says, “ What I feel is that since social media is on the rise the future is digital marketing, As we already know many new entrepreneurs are only going for digital marketing and not stepping a foot in traditional marketing And making a hell of a revenue.” 

Tanmay thinks Digital Marketing not only has great career options and growth aspects but also if your work hard you can earn good money. 

When we asked Tanmay about his favorite topic in Digital Marketing he says, “My favorite topic is SEO (Search engine optimization). Because it makes you think creatively as to how you can optimize the content without it looking like you’ve overwritten it. which in the end helps you to rank your website and your content in a better position.”

When we asked Tanmay to tell us one thing he loved about his decision to move to Indore from Pune just to pursue his Digital Marketing from Digital Gurukul he says, “I have always been a backbencher and hate the traditional ways of teaching but here in Digital Gurukul when Raj Sir is teaching, It never feels like he is teaching it feels like a healthy discussion that makes you understand the topic in and out.”  

Student Tale- 5 Tanmay who moved from Pune to pursue his Digital Marketing at Digital Gurukul

He also adds, “The Best thing I did is join DG, but the only regret is I joined it a little late, But you know what they say, “It’s morning whenever you get up” 

Well, Tanmay we also think that it is better late than never. We are glad to have such a versatile student with us and on behalf of Dr. Raj Padhiyar and team Digital Gurukul, we wish you all the happiness and success in life.


One can pursue their choice of career whenever one wants to, especially when it comes to Digital Marketing, it does not matter what is your age or what previous experience you hold, you can just go for it. 

You can also watch the detailed video of Dr. Raj Padhiyar sir on YouTube, in which he has explained various segments of Digital Marketing and how you can make it beneficial for your growing job/startup/freelancing/business.

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