5 Best startup funding platforms

17 Jan 2023

5 Best startup funding platforms

5 Best startup funding platforms

Looking for the Best startup funding platforms?? Well, friend, you are at the right place. 

5 Best startup funding platforms

Using an internet funding platform has made it simpler than ever to raise money for your company concept, charitable organization, or personal needs. With user-friendly features that make the experience seamless for both fundraisers and their supporters, people have raised more than $34 billion using these platforms to date. There is a startup funding tool out there for you, no matter why you need to raise money.

Digital Gurukul examined the best startup funding platforms in order to assist you in getting started. Based on factors including user-friendliness, track record of helping clients raise money, price alternatives, social media connections, and more, we chose the top six. These platforms will assist you in raising the money you need for your project, concept, or cause whether you are an entrepreneur, artist, or climate change activist.

What is startup funding?

Startup funding refers to the process of raising money from investors to finance the initial stages of a new business. This can involve a variety of different sources, such as venture capital firms, angel investors, crowdfunding platforms, and more. The goal of startup funding is to provide the financial resources needed for a new business to get off the ground and start operating.

This may include funding to cover expenses such as product development, marketing, and hiring employees. Startups typically seek funding when they have a clear idea of what their business will be, a solid plan for how they will execute it, and the potential to generate significant returns for investors.

5 Best startup funding platforms

A startup funding platform is a website or service that connects startups with investors or other sources of funding. These platforms can be a valuable way for startups to raise money and get exposure to a wider audience. 

Here are a few examples of startup funding platforms:

1- AngelList 
5 Best startup funding platforms

Startup businesses and investors can connect through a portal called AngelList. Early-stage entrepreneurs generally use it to raise seed and angel rounds of investment, and it also provides a number of additional services, such as hiring and recruiting. It’s an online network where new businesses can get in touch with accredited investors including angel investors and venture capitalists. Startups can build a profile on the website, list their financial targets, and publish details about their goods and services. You can also read about the top Angel Investors in India – Here

2- Seedrs
5 Best startup funding platforms

Seedrs is a crowdfunding platform that allows startups to raise money from a large number of individual investors in exchange for equity in the business. Startups can create a campaign and pitch their business to potential investors on the platform.

Individuals can invest as little as £10 through the British online investment platform Seedrs in start-up and early-stage businesses in exchange for stock. Additionally, it enables businesses to raise money through crowdfunding by issuing shares to the general public. Anyone over the age of 18, even non-accredited investors, is welcome to use the site.

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is in charge of overseeing Seedrs’ regulatory operations, and it has granted it permission to function as a crowdfunding platform. Since its 2012 debut, the organization has raised more than £600 million for more than 700 enterprises. It offers a variety of tools and services to assist entrepreneurs in raising funding as well as allowing investors to browse and invest in a variety of new enterprises.


3- Fundable
5 Best startup funding platforms

Startups can raise money through the crowdfunding platform Fundable by providing investors with equity- or incentive-based investment alternatives. It was introduced in 2012 and enables companies to develop a fundraising campaign and disseminate it within the Fundable community. Then, investors can browse and contribute to initiatives that catch their attention. Fundable also offered entrepreneurs extra services including access to a network of financiers and venture capitalists and assistance with fundraising tactics. It was discontinued in 2015 and had a U.S. base of operations.


4- WeFunder
5 Best startup funding platforms

WeFunder is a platform for crowdfunding that enables entrepreneurs to raise money by selling shares to the general public. It has its headquarters in the United States and is governed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) (FINRA). Anyone can invest as little as $100 in a startup firm through the 2012-launched platform WeFunder in exchange for equity. Startups can build a profile on the platform, declare their fundraising targets, and share details about their goods and services.

Additionally, it offers a variety of tools and resources to assist businesses in obtaining funding and luring investors. Many startups have used it for both seed investment and subsequent levels of funding.


5- Seedcamp
5 Best startup funding platforms

UK-based early-stage investment company and startup accelerator Seedcamp are situated in London. It was established in 2007 and has backed more than 200 international businesses. With a focus on technology and digital businesses, Seedcamp offers coaching, networking, and funding to startups in the early phases of development.

The program’s goal is to assist companies in moving on to the following phase of their growth, whether that involves raising a seed round, assembling a team, or launching a product. Startups that take part in the program receive a week of rigorous mentorship and coaching from the firm, which typically invests between €50k and €200k in seed-stage businesses. Additionally, Seedcamp has a network of mentors, investors, and alumni startups that offer their portfolio firms invaluable assistance and resources.



The standard way for companies and artists to raise money in the modern era is through crowdfunding. Websites that enable online fundraising can assist organizations and individuals in raising money for a range of causes in a time- and cost-effective way.

These are just a few examples of the many startup funding platforms available. It’s worth doing some research to find the platform that best fits your needs and goals as a startup. 

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