8 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Canada

28 Dec 2022

8 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Canada

8 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Canada

Are you looking for the best Digital Marketing Institutes in Canada? 

You have landed at the right place!!

In Canada, the digital marketing sector is expanding at a rapid rate. There are several Canadian universities that provide postgraduate certificates or diplomas in digital marketing. The goal of the course syllabus is to impart the principles of digital marketing. A solid understanding of the analytical tools necessary in marketing is provided by an MSC in digital marketing. On the other hand, an MA in Digital Marketing enables students to concentrate on the artistic facets of internet marketing.

8 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Canada

1. Digital Gurukul
8 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Canada

Digital Gurukul was established 7 years ago with a Digital Marketing program by Dr. Raj Padhiyar. Digital Gurukul offers an Alt MBA Program, a Master in Digital Marketing, a Diploma in Digital Marketing, and various certificate courses in 50+ modules of Digital Marketing across Asia. Digital marketing modules in Digital Gurukul has constantly evolved with time and the need of the corporates. 

They even allow you to book a free demo class on “career & Entrepreneurship in Digital Marketing” by the founder – Dr. Raj Padhiyar Live. 

Digital Gurukul has been Awarded “Asia’s Best Digital Marketing Institute” and 15+ other awards  The Institute is also Accredited by IAMAI. 

Digital Gurukul has the best available faculties and guest lecturers. They focus on practical knowledge and experience more than theoretical knowledge. 

Digital Gurukul prepares one thoroughly for the competitive world outside and guarantees Internship and placement. 

They offer 365 days and a 24*7 helpline to clear your doubts and queries which is very rare to find. 

Digital Gurukul offers both Online and Offline courses. The online course enables their students to study wherever they are and also provides recorded videos of the sessions just in case you miss any classes you can just watch it and not feel left out in the next session. The fees of Digital Gurukul vary from course to course. But has an excellent Return On Investment. 

Why Digital Gurukul?

Courses offered– 

  •     Diploma in Digital Marketing
  •     Master’s in Digital Marketing
  •     Alt MBA
  •     Certificate Courses

Digital marketing course fees – NA

Location – Online

Contact- Phone- 9584831230/9022888883

Email- info@digitalgurukul.in 

8 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Canada
2- British Columbia Institute of Technology [BCIT]
8 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Canada

Since its founding in 1964, the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) has educated and trained specialists, professionals, and entrepreneurs who have shaped economies both domestically and internationally. Their students develop the technical expertise, practical experience, and problem-solving abilities necessary to accept complexity and drive innovation in a workforce that is undergoing fast change.

Being one of the Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Canada, they continue to achieve global success through close industry collaboration with their network of alumni and partners.

Courses offered- 

  • Digital Marketing (MKTG 1352)
  • Digital Marketing Foundations, Associate Certificate, Part-time
  • Marketing Management
  • Digital Marketing Analytics
  • Video & Digital Media

Location- 3700 Willingdon Ave. Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada V5G 3H2

Contact- 604-434-5734, 1-866-434-1610

3- Toronto School of Management
8 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Canada

A cutting-edge university, Toronto School of Management (TSoM) is one of the best Digital Marketing Institutes in Canada and offers a wide selection of programs in business, digital marketing, hospitality and tourism, big data, cybersecurity, and accounting. We offer pertinent courses that guarantee our students can fulfill the requirements of the dynamic work economy of today.

Like many businesses today, we at TSoM understand the value of actual job experience. To make sure you get the most out of your degree, we have partnered with over 100 employers to offer co-op jobs for our students.

Courses offered- 

  • Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist Co-op

Location- 22 College Street Suite 300, Toronto, ON, M5G 1K2, Canada

Contact- +1 647-417-6721, +1 416-800-2204

Email- info@torontosom.ca

4- Douglas College
8 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Canada

Being one of the Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Canada students can start their degree at Douglas College with the University Transfer courses and transfer to another institution to finish their studies. More than 1,000 different degree programs have been launched from Douglas College and are now being taught at major universities like the University of Calgary, the University of Victoria, the University of Alberta, and the University of Toronto. The College offers students the academic environment of a university with the job-ready skills of a college and has strong industry connections.

Courses offered- 

  • Digital Marketing (Post-Baccalaureate Diploma)
  • Digital Marketing & Communications Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing II 
  • Digital Analytics 

Location- 700 Royal Avenue, New Westminster, BC, V3M 5Z5

Contact- 604 527 5400, 604 527 5650

5- Bow Valley College
8 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Canada

One of the Best Digital Marketing institutes for higher education called Bow Valley College gives students from all around the world access to practical training and highly marketable skills. The college has an 88% graduation employment rate and provides exceptional value in education.

Every year, Bow Valley College welcomes students from 148 different nations; thanks to the school’s excellent international facilities and services, these students have fulfilling lives.

Courses offered- 

  • Business Administration Diploma – Digital Marketing Major
  • Digital Marketing Post-Diploma Certificate
  • Digital Design Diploma

Location- CALGARY DOWNTOWN, Bow Valley College, 345 – 6 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4V1

Contact- 403-410-1400, 1-866-428-2669 (toll-free)

Email- info@bowvalleycollege.ca

6- Canada College
8 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Canada

Over 20,000 students attend Canada College, a university with students from 160 different nations. The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has accredited the highly regarded institution.

Offering courses in subjects including database administration, business administration and commerce, business intelligence analysis, digital content production, digital marketing, and early childhood education, Canada College focuses on teaching language and technical skills making Canada college one of the Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Canada.

The institution is a renowned test center for internationally recognized exams at both the national and international levels, and it also provides test preparation and language programs in both English and French.

Course offered- 

  • Digital Marketing AEC
  • Digital Content Creation

Location- 1118 Sainte-Catherine W. Montreal, QC, H3B1H5

Contact- 514-532-1098

Email- info@collegecafe.ca

7- Greystone College
8 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Canada

n order to contact clients across a variety of digital platforms, Greystone College wants its students to become familiar with all the latest tools, techniques, and trends in the field of digital marketing which makes it one of the Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Canada. This extensive program includes e-commerce, digital branding, web design, analytics, and other topics. You’ll get all the knowledge you need to start and develop a digital brand, as well as transferrable skills that will help you find work in a variety of industries.

Courses offered- 

  • Digital Marketing
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • ACS, Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing: Social Media Professional
  • Website Management and Design

Location- 555 Richards St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z5, Canada

Contact- +1 604-682-3880

8- George Brown College
8 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Canada

The largest and most diverse economy and city in Canada, Toronto, is home to the educational institution George Brown College (GBC).

Due to its advantageous location, students can find employment chances with prestigious companies both throughout their studies and after graduation.

Over 170 career-focused study options are available at George Brown at the diploma, certificate, postgraduate, and degree levels making it one of the Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Canada. The institution consults with business leaders when developing its curriculum to stay current and relevant. GBC has industry-experienced professors that are committed to imparting practical information to their students.

Courses offered- 

  • Digital Media Marketing program (Postgraduate)
  • Digital Media Marketing Program (Online) (Postgraduate)
  • Marketing Management – Digital Media Program
  • Digital Marketing Program
  • Digital Marketing (Online)
  • Digital Analytics Program

Location- Casa Loma Campus, 160 Kendal Avenue, Toronto M5R 1M3, Canada

Contact- 416-415-5000, ext. 2756

Email- coned@georgebrown.ca

FAQs: Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Canada

Is Canada good for digital marketing?

As the internet grows more ingrained in our lives, the job market is booming and will undoubtedly continue to hire for years to come. The most recent data shows that Canada spent more than 9.6 billion CAD total on digital advertising last year, and that number is expected to rise.

Is SEO in demand in Canada?

Since SEO has become a crucial component of internet advertising, it has included a variety of vocations and professional profiles. Nowadays, one can pursue a professional job in a variety of industry sectors. The SEO pay in Canada varies depending on the work titles and profile.

Which Canadian digital marketing program is the best?

The ideal course to take if you want to work in digital marketing is Digital Gurukul’s online school, as highlighted in the listicle above. To aid students in developing a complete understanding of digital marketing concepts, Digital Gurukul offers live online lectures together with one-on-one mentoring sessions.


Considering all the online learning alternatives available, digital marketing may initially appear to be somewhat difficult, but with the correct instruction, it can be made extremely simple and enjoyable to learn.

Check out Digital Gurukul’s alternative MBA in digital marketing if you want to gain particular skills for the field and carve out a niche for yourself.

We hope that our list of best digital marketing Institutes in Canada made your task easier and brought you one step closer to enrolling in your ideal program.

You can consult  Digital Gurukul for further guidance on the same If you are looking for international Digital Marketing courses then follow Digital Gurukul for details on Digital Marketing courses in Nepal, USA, and Dubai

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