06 Aug 2022

Digital Gurukul and career-boosting stories of a new batch- #3 Pallavi Yadav

As you go through the student stories you realize how different they are from each other, they are born and brought up in different cities, they come from different cultures and their education is also in different fields. And that gives us a very positive vibe of learning about the new culture and backgrounds of our students at Digital Gurukul.

Previously we have shared the stories of Ashish Malviya and Krishnakant Hardia in our blogs. Ashish was from Katni and Krishnakant was from Indore. Where Ashish pursued B.Com and Krishnakant was an Engineer. You know this is the best part about Digital Marketing it does not care about your past educational background rather it focuses on your new learnings and skill development with the tools and techniques of Digital Marketing and with the online classes of Digital Gurukul it is even more easy to pursue Digital Marketing no matter in which part of the world you live.

Digital Gurukul offers various programs like ALt MBA, Diploma, Master’s, and various certification courses in online classes where you get hands-on experience on all the tools under the guidance of Dr. Raj Padhiyar sir.

In this article, I will share about Pallavi Yadav.

23-year-old Pallavi is born and brought up in Mhow and Indore (M.P). Pallavi pursued her Bachelors in Engineering/Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Indore and later got placed in a good organization. 

Pallavi has always been a keen learner and enthusiast for learning new skills and improving herself. 

When we asked Pallavi to tell us about her in a few words she says, “I am Pallavi Yadav, I like to learn new skills and love to work on them. Every time I try to improve my skills and also like to deal with difficult situations in life and also in the workplace.” 

Digital Gurukul and career-boosting stories of a new batch- #3 Pallavi Yadav

I feel not everyone is meant to work for a corporate company and that 9 to 5 job. When we asked her the reason for the job switch. On this Pallavi adds, “I worked in Bharat petroleum corporation limited in Indore for more than a year as an electrical engineer, in the beginning, found very difficult to deal with the corporate world later I learn and adjust to the work culture.”

Pallavi opted for Digital Marketing because it has become a popular and demanding profile in all different businesses. Pallavi started her search for the best Digital Marketing Institutes and she found out about Digital Gurukul on Google as the Top institutes for Digital Marketing. She went through the courses and the achievements of the students she instantly decided to pursue a Master’s Diploma in Digital Marketing from Digital Gurukul

After taking admission Pallavi feels that “This profile is growing and better  compare to previous one.” says, Pallavi

She adds, “I am having really good experience with Digital Gurukul and Raj Sir and it is easy to understand new topics in class along with practical experience on the tools.”

Well, Pallavi we wish that you also grow and achieve all the goals you have set for yourself and We as a team will always be supporting you.

Digital Gurukul and career-boosting stories of a new batch- #3 Pallavi Yadav

You can also watch the detailed video of Dr. Raj Padhiyar sir on YouTube, in which he has explained various segments of Digital Marketing and how you can make it beneficial for your growing job/startup/freelancing/business.

For more information regarding the Diploma, Alt MBA program, and certification courses of Digital Gurukul you can visit the website- You can also book a Demo class on “Career & Entrepreneurship in Digital Marketing” by our Founder – Dr. Raj Padhiyar LIVE.

Keeping yourself updated with the skills will only help your career to grow and it will make your resume look strong!!

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