Story of a 23-year-old student from Gujarat who mastered Digital Marketing & now making a mark in the USA!

22 Jun 2022

Story of a 23-year-old student from Gujarat who mastered Digital Marketing & now making a mark in the USA!

Talent means nothing, while experience, acquired in humility and with hard work, means everything.

Patrick Suskind

Born and brought up in Anand, Gujrat our 23-year-old boy Preet Patel has done his Bachelor’s in business administration honors (Hospitality management) at Sardar Patel University and later moved to Chicago to pursue MS marketing concentration in digital marketing analytics from Loyola University Chicago, Quinlan School of Business.  

Story of a 23-year-old student from Gujarat who mastered Digital Marketing & now making a mark in the USA

Preet is an individual who is eager to learn and not afraid of trying different things related to his career passion, Preet enjoys helping others as well as solving real problems to make a change by serving society with his knowledge and skills.

Being very sincere and passionate about his career Preet always wants to improve and do the best in his field. 

We were curious that how did Preet after moving to Chicago choose to pursue his Digital Marketing from India, Preet says, “I am currently a full-time student and also working as an intern for a Nonprofit organization called Artworks project from Chicago, I am mainly working on their social media marketing and SEO. I started developing my interest in digital marketing during my undergraduate when I wasn’t really sure what career track I wanted to pursue. My interest started after taking some subjects in marketing as an undergraduate afterward I started to learn from the internet and blogs about digital marketing and finally ended up taking a course from Digital Gurukul.

Story of a 23-year-old student from Gujarat who mastered Digital Marketing & now making a mark in the USA

As soon as Preet decided to opt for the Digital Marketing course, He started looking for courses on the internet and he talked with a few counselors but somehow he wasn’t satisfied with the content structure of the course after a few days of searching Preet came across Digital Gurukul’s website and ended up buying course there.

Due to his internship and the course, Preet had a lot of interest in Social media marketing and SEO and pursued his Diploma in Digital Marketing from Digital Gurukul under the mentor Dr. Raj Padhiyar sir who is CEO and founder of Digital Gurukul and also known for being the best mentor for students. Preet adds, “I was excited for learning because I really wanted to do it and I was sure for pursuing my career in this industry, and I believe if you’re passionate about something then you don’t need inspiration for learning or doing anything related to it.” 

Our previous few students like Shubham, Bishanpal Singh, Kajal Jain, and many more who still give credit for their success and knowledge of Digital marketing to Dr. Raj Padhiyar sir.

On the same Preet shares, “My experience with Digital Gurukul and Raj sir was more practical rather than classroom learnings, The assignments given in the class really helped me to learn practical concepts of this industry. The method of instruction from Raj sir is very flexible and he focuses teaching on basics and leaves the rest of the practical work on students to examine our potential for learning in a self-paced. Raj sir never hesitates to go extra mile for students to give them a better understanding of the topic”

Like everyone else who is pursuing their career in Digital Marketing Preet also agrees with the fact that Digital Marketing does hold the future in its hands no matter what business you are handling, “Digital is future and if we utilize data with marketing then of course business would get much better results, It’s very fast-changing industry there’s always something new and trending, Real learning always comes from practical experience and working on making your own portfolio is essential it would definitely help to get good projects in the very beginning of the career.”

Well Preet, We wish your hard work and passion pay you well. 

Aur bahar jake apne parents ka, Digital Gurukul aur Raj sir ka naam roshan karo!!

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