Top 15 Pay Per Click Interview questions & answers (Updated 2022)

01 Aug 2022

Top 15 Pay Per Click Interview questions & answers (Updated 2022)

Top 15 Pay Per Click Interview questions & answers (Updated 2022)

Digital Marketing includes various variations in itself there are free marketing techniques and paid marketing techniques, these paid marketing techniques are one of the very crucial marketing techniques used by the organization or business owners. Working and earning both can be really very easy when it comes to digital marketing. 

It is really very important to understand the process of digital marketing in dept in order to bring out the best possible results. PPC or Pay per click is one of those essential techniques used in digital marketing which has shown promising results for organizations or business owners when it comes to digital marketing.

If you appear for an interview for PPC (Pay per click) you need to understand it in depth and not just PPC but also the other domains of Digital Marketing, You need to be prepared for any questions which may come your way. To make your search for that easy you can go through the question and answers shared by Digital Gurukul on Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Graphic designing.

Following are the questions and answers you need to know before you give or take a Pay Per Click interview- 

1- What is the fullform of PPC?

Ans- PPC stands for Pay Per Click.

2- Define Pay per click marketing.

Ans- It’s a promoting strategy to drive traffic to our website via search engines and partner sites. advertiser can solely pay if he receives the visit click on his ads.

Top 15 Pay Per Click Interview questions & answers (Updated 2022)

3- Mention a few Google word Ad Extensions.

Ans- All the Ad Extensions plays a different role, few of them attract a high amount of traffic whereas other might attract a moderate level of traffic. 

A few Ad Extensions used in Google Ad word are as follows- 

  • Site links.
  • Call Extensions.
  • Location Extensions.
  • Review extension.
  • Seller ratings.
  • Mobile app extensions
  • Offer Ads
  • Image and drop-down navigation Ad extension.
  • Social Annotations.
  • Communication Ad
  • Call extension
  • Callout extension
  • Review extension
  • Sitelink extension
  • Price extension

4- Explain Campaign management in your words.

And- Campaign management is a method of managing and driving an organization on Google AdWords. during this, we’ve to divide the campaign-supported AdGroups and choose relevant keywords for every adgroups. Manage the ad formats and bidding for keywords etc. The campaign manager’s overall responsibility is to manage the campaign and supply a positive Return on Investment.

Top 15 Pay Per Click Interview questions & answers (Updated 2022)

5- What is the Actual CPC?

Ans- The actual cost of a click for an advertiser in an auction. the cost CPC is calculated in period and we cannot apprehend the particular CPC, however, we are able to see Avg. CPC.

  • Actual CPC = (AdRank to Beat/QS)+$0.01

6- Define Quality score.

Ans– Quality Score may be a metric that is calculated for every keyword between one to ten. The Quality Score defines the standard of keywords compared with Ads and Landing Page. This metric is employed to calculate the AdRank, which is employed to calculate the ad position.

Top 15 Pay Per Click Interview questions & answers (Updated 2022)

7- State a few factors which affect Quality score.

Ans- Quality Score depends on the following metrics

  • CTR of the Keyword
  • The relevance of Keywords and Ads
  • Landing Page Quality
  • Historic Account Data

8- Does PPC advertisement affect the ranking of websites on search engines?

Ans- No, Search engines don’t combine them. Google and alternative search engines rank each organic and PPC result severally.

Top 15 Pay Per Click Interview questions & answers (Updated 2022)

9- How can we improve conversion rates?

Ans- By making ads that match perfectly with keywords and making tightly themed ad groups therefore we are able to get targeted users to the simplest landing page. additionally, by upping the Landing Page quality, we are able to improve the conversions.

10- What are the limit of character used for Pay Per Click Ads?

Ans- The limit of character varies for different search engines, according to the character of the ad for Google one can use a maximum of 25 for headlines and 70 for description 1 and description 2 combined.

Top 15 Pay Per Click Interview questions & answers (Updated 2022)

11- Define PLA ads.

Ans- PLA stands for product listing ads. And are also known as shopping ads. PLA ad strategy is employed to advertise merchandise ads on Google search and partners. This campaign is additionally referred to as a shopping campaign largely employed by E-commerce websites.

12- Define Converted Clicks.

Ans- Converted click is a  metric that tracks the whole no of clicks that resulted in conversions. This metric is deprecated by Google.

Top 15 Pay Per Click Interview questions & answers (Updated 2022)

13- What is Ad Rank?

Ans- It determines one’s ad position on a Google page, and it’s determined by your bid for that keyword and quality score.

14- How does Ad Rank Impact Cost per click?

Ans- Ad rank plays an enormous role in processing the particular cost-per-click that your opponents pay, once somebody clicks on their ads. Your CPC is often calculated by the following means

Your price = The ad rank of the person below you/ your quality score + $0.01

Top 15 Pay Per Click Interview questions & answers (Updated 2022)

15- What is google ad API? What things can be done by using it?

Ans- Google Ad API is intended for representing giant, technical school savvy advertisers, and third parties. It permits developers to build an application that directly interacts with the Google Adwords server.

With Google Ad API, you’ll be able to build an associate application that will do the following things

  • You can mechanically generate keywords, ad text, custom reports, and landing pages
  • Develop extra applications and tools to assist you to manage accounts
  • Synchronize Adwords knowledge along with your inventory system to manage campaigns supported by stock
Top 15 Pay Per Click Interview questions & answers (Updated 2022)

I hope these questions will be of almost use when you will be giving Pay Per Click interview or maybe taking it for your organization. Remember constant learning and upgradation is a key to success when it comes to Digital Marketing, call it reading blogs or upgrading yourself through certification courses. Here is a YouTube video by Dr. Raj Padhiyar for you as a Complete guide for Job/Startup/Freelancing in the Digital Industry it will help you understand the 360’ of Digital Marketing

We wish you the Best of luck on behalf of Dr. Raj Padhiyar and Digital Gurukul.

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