Digital Gurukul and career-boosting stories of a new batch- #7 Rohit Chokotiya

10 Aug 2022

Digital Gurukul and career-boosting stories of a new batch- #7 Rohit Chokotiya

We all know that pandemic has caused a lot of damage in two years personally and professionally to people. People lost their jobs, and businesses and education were also affected. 
But there is one sector which faced a huge boom in itself, all the organizations, small or large scale business were depending on it and we all know that sector is Digital Marketing. 
A lot of our students have shifted from various fields to Digital Marketing like Dr. Abhinav Gaur, Pallavi Yadav, Krishnakant Hardia, Ashish Malviya, Mamta Vishwakarma, and Vishal Godhwani

And a lot of them have started their own business or working with a good organization which made them, even more, happier compared to their previous profile. 

Digital Marketing is a very versatile and creative field and it is growing day by day. 

With this, I will be sharing today’s story about Rohit Chokotiya- 

Rohit is a 24-year-old boy who is born and brought up in Indore. Rohit has pursued BSc in Hospitality and hotel administration from IHM Ahmedabad and PGDM from ISBA Indore. 

When asked Rohit to share something about him he says, “I am a creative person and I want to work as a graphic designer. I like baking and cooking, I am a big foodie too. I love to explore new places.” 

Rohit adds, “I have faced countless complications in my past because of unstable work-life when I was doing an internship in a hotel. And after Covid arrived in 2020 the tourism industry was getting worse because India is a developing country and most of it depends on tourists. So due to the pandemic, I decided to switch to another industry I had worked in a BPO, where I saw a good atmosphere but I realized that there is slow growth in the BPO industry and people around doing BPO jobs just for a few bucks for their livelihood which means the job was not stable.”

Digital Gurukul and career-boosting stories of a new batch- #7 Rohit Chokotiya

A lot of people switched to a different field when they were suffering a lot during the pandemic and I feel it is very important to have a work-life balance and satisfaction when you are working which gives you immense satisfaction at the end of the day. 

It was very motivating when Rohit tried to switch his field and when he was not satisfied with the new one he did his research about the market trend and looked for a more promising field. 

After all his search he finally decided to move his career completely towards Digital Marketing, he says, “Digital marketing is the trending and most important business in today’s world. Be it MSME or large MNC everyone wants to be seen on digital and social media because the audience has been shifted to mobile view rather than TV or traditional medium. I hope the trend will help in my personal and professional growth.”

Rohit adds, “I have changed my field to digital since in the past 10 years this industry has seen exceptional growth and Digital is the future of this country. I can develop my skills in this industry and understand the nuance of digital marketing, digital PR, and advertising to achieve success in this segment.”

To upgrade his skill and become a professional Rohit searched for a topmost Digital Marketing Institute which will have a good ROI. after searching on google and talking to his friends he got to know about Digital Gurukul. Rohit has opted for a Master’s Diploma in Digital Marketing from Digital Gurukul in the online classes under the guidance of Dr. Raj Padhiyar.

Rohit says, “After joining the classes I have seen a big change in myself that I have no fear of anything but before joining here I was having second thoughts about “what people will think about me if I do this or that” but after joining classes I have no fear of anything like I am making reels posting about anything commenting on anyone’s tweet or post. I have my own Instagram handle through which I am sharing my thoughts about anything through posts and reels and I am enjoying this.”

Digital Gurukul and career-boosting stories of a new batch- #7 Rohit Chokotiya

He adds, “Raj sir is not only a good mentor he is a good friend or elder brother he is very helpful and whenever we contact him he is always available for any kind of assistance we need not only in class but before and after class also he is always in touch with his students that is the best part of him the way he teaches is very different he takes real life examples so that we couldn’t forget whatever he had taught in class that is the best part of Raj sir.”

What to say this is what Raj sir is so talented yet humble person and only he knows how he manages to be so available for his students always.

Team Digital Gurukul and Dr. Raj Padhiyar wish you all the best for your career ahead and we hope you keep this spirit of hard work and positivity alive.

And for our Readers, You can also watch the detailed video of Dr. Raj Padhiyar sir on YouTube, in which he has explained various segments of Digital Marketing and how you can make it beneficial for your growing job/startup/freelancing/business.

Digital Gurukul and career-boosting stories of a new batch- #7 Rohit Chokotiya

For more information regarding the Diploma, Alt MBA program, and certification courses of Digital Gurukul you can visit the website- You can also book a Demo class on “Career & Entrepreneurship in Digital Marketing” by our Founder – Dr. Raj Padhiyar LIVE.

Digital Gurukul and career-boosting stories of a new batch- #7 Rohit Chokotiya

Keeping yourself updated with the skills will only help your career to grow and it will make your resume look strong!!

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