Digital Gurukul and career-boosting stories of a new batch- #8 Amisha Neema

13 Aug 2022

Digital Gurukul and career-boosting stories of a new batch- #8 Amisha Neema

To keep you up to date let me remind the readers that we are sharing the amazing story of our June batch students. How we at Digital Gurukul have students from different states with different backgrounds, education qualifications, and organizations.

Let me quickly take you through the batch- 

1- Ashish Malviya– Ashish is a 28-year-old boy from Katni and owns a hotel named Spring In. He is a B.Com graduate and wants to brush his skills and pursue Digital Marketing from Digital Gurukul to take care of the Marketing with full efficiency and get better results.

2- Krishnakant Hardia– 23-Year-old Krishnakant is born and brought up in Indore and has pursued a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical. After working in a PSU for almost one and half years he realized that the growth of his career is very inappropriate in the long run and that is when he decided to switch to a new field of Digital Marketing. 

3- Pallavi Yadav– 23-year-old Pallavi is born and brought up in Mhow and Indore (M.P). Pallavi pursued her Bachelors in Engineering/Electrical and Electronics Engineering and now she is shifting to Digital Marketing as soon as she realized that she is not a 9 to 5 corporate working person.

4- Dr. Abhinav Gupta– Dr. Abhinav Gupta is a 35-year-old physiotherapist who is born and brought up in Madhya Pradesh. Abhinav pursued his Bachelor’s of Physiotherapy and Master’s in Hospital Administration. Abhinav has an overall working experience of 12 years in academic, clinical practice, Marketing and Sales, and Management. And later this medical professional turned into Digital Marketing and Fashion Industry. 

These are a few gems of the batch there are more for which you can either go to our Digital Gurukul Blog or you can read about them in short in our next blog.

In this blog, we will be sharing the story of Amisha Neema- 

25-Year-old Amisha is born in Sagar and brought up in Indore. Amisha had pursued her interior designer 2-year diploma course at Zica Institute Indore. 

Amisha says she has always been a bit confused in taking decisions and trusting people and her profession as an interior designer has only increased her lack of trust in clients. 

When asked Amisha to tell us about herself, she says, “I am an Introvert and shy kind of person. My life has not seen many difficulties but yes like all other kids I had my doubts about selecting my career initially. But soon enough I got on track and now I am happy doing what I am doing.” 

We also asked her what made her opt for Digital Marketing in this she said, “I am an interior designer I have done internships but for very little time. The experience there was not good at all, people there were very selfish not taught much about work, and wasted my time. And then I also started taking projects on my own but there also I got cheated by 2 clients who took my designed plans for free by saying they want to work with me and after some time they gave me some kind of excuses and denied to pay for my planning and consultancy services.”

Soon Amisha realized that she needs to add to her skills and pursue Digital Marketing which will help her grow and she also needed to do it from somewhere that can help her grow her skills and confidence in what she is doing. Amisha searched and talkies to a lot of people for the same and she finally got to know about Digital Gurukul.

She says, “After my bhabhi told me about Digital Gurukul I searched it on google and then I got impressed by their achievement so I booked a demo class for myself and the way Dr. Raj Padhiyar sir told about his achievement and what Digital Gurukul is all about after I was sure that this is the best place to learn digital marketing skills.”

Amisha is pursuing a Master’s Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Digital Gurukul online session.

Digital Gurukul and career-boosting stories of a new batch- #8 Amisha Neema

She adds, “Experience with Digital Gurukul is good, got to know about different type marketing tricks people use how thing are done website making, content writing. Raj sir is a very good teacher he always talks politely and with kindness. He understands every student’s behavior and never judges them but supports them by giving them great advice not only related to digital marketing but also in any kind of issue they were facing. He taught things in a very easy way. He gives equal attention to every student in class whether they are understanding the topic or not.”

Well, Amisha we hope that you learn a lot from Dr. Raj sir and the Digital Gurukul course and you achieve all the goals you aimed for your career. 

And for our Readers, You can also watch the detailed video of Dr. Raj Padhiyar sir on YouTube, in which he has explained various segments of Digital Marketing and how you can make it beneficial for your growing job/startup/freelancing/business.

Digital Gurukul and career-boosting stories of a new batch- #8 Amisha Neema

For more information regarding the Diploma, Alt MBA program, and certification courses of Digital Gurukul you can visit the website- You can also book a Demo class on “Career & Entrepreneurship in Digital Marketing” by our Founder – Dr. Raj Padhiyar LIVE.

Digital Gurukul and career-boosting stories of a new batch- #8 Amisha Neema

Keeping yourself updated with the skills will only help your career to grow and it will make your resume look strong!!

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