Digital Gurukul and career-boosting stories of a new batch- #8 Shiven Dubey

15 Aug 2022

Digital Gurukul and career-boosting stories of a new batch- #8 Shiven Dubey

In the last few blogs of Digital Gurukul, we shared the stories of our June 2022 batch in which you can also read the stories of  Ashish Malviya, Krishnakant Hardia, Pallavi Yadav, Dr. Abhinav Gaur, Vishal Godhwani, Mamta Vishwakarma, Rohit Chokotiya, and Amisha Neema.

One of the students of this amazing batch is 21-year-old, Shiven Dubey. Shiven is born and brought up in Khandwa (M.P) and has completed his Honour Final Year with a good percentage, Adv Microsoft Excel and Intermediate Financial Modelling and Currently pursuing his Master’s Diploma in Digital Marketing from Digital Gurukul

Shiven is a very enthusiastic learner and follows whatever it takes for him to reach the set target. When asked Shiven to introduce himself he says, Hello everyone, my name is Shiven Dubey. I am a Graduate Of Honours Final Year. I have completed Adv. Microsoft Excel & Intermediate Financial Modelling. Currently pursuing digital marketing course from the best digital marketing institute Digital Gurukul.” 

Digital Gurukul and career-boosting stories of a new batch- #8 Shiven Dubey

He adds, “I am blessed that I got the opportunity to learn it from the right people and industry experts. To be very honest I was not aware of this course however got to know about it from one of my friends as I really wanted to do something interesting in life but thinking about past experience I got the opportunity to work in different social programs and got a leader in the social media management team. To rely on parents easily is a bit tough for me.

In the era of digitalization when everything goes online, we really need to understand how online marketing works. In the coming years, digital marketers are expected to take complete control over the customer experience. we can confidently say that digital marketing awaits a very bright future. Thankfully I decided to choose this platform where I can make my career doing work at home also and can grow my own business too.

Those who are looking for a career switch or want to choose this platform, just go with Digital Gurukul, these people spread positive vibes and motivate you in every possible way and also nurture, and prepare you like a strong tree, so that you can face all the tough challenges in this competitive field very easily. Raj Sir is the best tutor and motivator. Sir focuses on Learn With Fun. A few good qualities of sir are 1) A great Motivator 2) Good Human Being and 3) A good counselor who helps us in every situation ”

Well, Shiven I totally agree with you and I have never found a single student who said otherwise for Dr. Raj Padhiyar sir.

Shiven also got the first Website Development Project after 2 months got full management of that website social media management, website handling, and website maintenance. Along with Social Media Management /Graphic Designing work in different social programs.

Dr. Raj Padhiyar and Digital Gurukul Wish you all the best in your future endeavors. And we hope your spirit for hard work stays alive always!!

And for our Readers, You can also watch the detailed video of Dr. Raj Padhiyar sir on YouTube, in which he has explained various segments of Digital Marketing and how you can make it beneficial for your growing job/startup/freelancing/business.

Digital Gurukul and career-boosting stories of a new batch- #8 Shiven Dubey

For more information regarding the Diploma, Alt MBA program, and certification courses of Digital Gurukul you can visit the website- You can also book a Demo class on “Career & Entrepreneurship in Digital Marketing” by our Founder – Dr. Raj Padhiyar LIVE.

Digital Gurukul and career-boosting stories of a new batch- #8 Shiven Dubey

Keeping yourself updated with the skills will only help your career to grow and it will make your resume look strong!!

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